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Israel’s Terrorist Bombing of Southern Damascus Kills Two Civilians

Israel bombing Damascus from over the occupied Golan - عدوان اسرائيلي على دمشق من فوق الجولان

Israel’s latest bombing of the outskirts of Damascus this evening resulted in murdering two civilians according to the official news coming from Syria.

In its latest terrorist attack, the Israeli fighter jets bombed the outskirts of Damascus from over the occupied Syrian Golan, a statement by a Syrian Military spokesperson conveyed by the Syrian news agency SANA read:

“At 12:15 a.m. today, the Israeli enemy carried out an air attack with bursts of missiles from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting some points in the vicinity of Damascus and the southern region, our air defenses intercepted the aggression’s missiles and shot down most of them.”

The statement concluded: “The aggression resulted in the death of two civilians and some material losses.”

People in the Syrian capital Damascus heard a series of loud sounds of explosions twice coming from the southern parts of the city and heard in most of it, some footage was shared online of the Syrian air defense shooting down some of the incoming missiles:

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.

A civilian glass factory in the city of Al Kiswah in the Damascus southern countryside was destroyed by one of the missiles where at least one of the civilians was killed.

No further details were given by the Syrian authorities at the time of writing this report, 2 hours after the terrorist attack.

Local sources reported that Syrian Army posts to the south of the Syrian capital Damascus and an air defense radar unit in the Tal Al-Sahn in Sweida province were targeted by the Israeli terrorist bombing.

Reports from the Syrian Golan that some of the Israeli missiles were shot down by the Syrian air defense over the Golan as soon as it was fired from the Israeli fighter jets which in turn retreated to the Tabariya Lake (‘Sea of Galilee’).

Israel has been repeatedly bombing sites inside Syria, some of which have murdered civilians, and destroyed residential properties, and others targeting military posts murdering Syrian soldiers and Iranian consultants.

The Syrian military on its part is shooting down most of the incoming missiles while it continues to build up its defenses in anticipation of a regional war which the Israelis are pushing for before the US withdraws its troops illegally deployed in Syria whose tasks are stealing Syrian oil and food, and to support ISIS and other terrorist groups.

As an immediate response, the Syrian Resistance has vowed to retaliate for each Israeli bombing of Syria in bombing the US Army oil thieves in the country, and they’ve been doing so each time, they have now three unsettled scores for the past 3 Israeli bombings.

The Iranian IRGC Corps, on its part, has vowed to retaliate in kind and more for each of its members killed by the Israeli bombings in Syria, they do so successfully and asymmetrically, they also now have three scores to settle.

We’re not hearing any condemnation of these barbaric terrorist attacks by the Israeli Zionist terrorist entity of imported radical settlers from the so-called international community or proper condemnations and steps taken by the rest of the world to at least display some disagreement to these repeated violations of international law, the UN Charter, and the post-1973 war truce.

Russia chairs this month the United Nations Security Council, we will see whether it will call for a session to address and condemn these terrorist attacks by the US-protectorate Israel. Russia maintains close relations with Israel, ironically, including a weird agreement between the Russian and Israeli air forces to ‘coordinate their operations over Syrian skies’!

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  1. Roy

    An unfortunate series of events emanating from Israel; it may appear as normal behavior, but I suspect a time transform is behind this, not on Israel’s part, but by another design, what was becomes actualized in the future, thus completing a cycle of creation that would otherwise not be possible without the aid of using time as a sort of building material.

    It’s something like I mentioned in an earlier comment about being able to shuffle time as though it were a deck of cards. There’s a common misconception that Natural Law precludes the possibility of the supernatural; nothing could be further from the truth, as reality is all relative. While other’s belief systems are such that they can only count on fingers; we are on the cusp of heaven; only our minds are required to create whatever we want, as long as everything we want is for other others who also love.

    Water once flowed where dams now hinder its passage to Syria, therefore, our minds alone should be able to imagine its flow through the damns as it was before the dams were built, by shuffling that deck of cards made of time. Even Natural Law doesn’t preclude the possibility. Look at the trees and the grass; all of it would be impossible without the necessity of what the finger counters call supernatural.

    Modern physics is great, but whereas the finger counters can only see its usefulness for making weapons, the prophets always knew it was all about love, and now that Satanism and its finger counters have proven with their physics that we are indeed surrounded by the supernatural it’s high time that we start using space & time as though they are just another type of building material or fuel or whatever we want to convert it to. Satanism is in its death throes; let’s try to give it as peaceful of a funeral as possible and leave the judgement to heaven.

  2. Roy

    I came across this quote today, during my daily readings;
    “Where males evolve selfish traits that help them individually win, they can actually end up causing the population to crash—it’s a form of evolutionary suicide.”
    Considering that 99% of the wealth of the USA is owned by fewer than 500 males; it appears that these 500 individuals may manage to cause the total extinction of humans within a single generation.
    Of course, there’s always the possibility that these 500 men will be able copulate with each other and revive the species, but I doubt that such an attempt would be successful.


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