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Israel Celebrates Mad Hatter Trump ‘Proclamation’: Bombs Aleppo

Israel Bombs Aleppo Emboldened by Trump

Israel celebrated Mad Hatter President Trump’s “proclamation” that Golan, Syria was no longer Golan, Syria, by bombing Sheikh Najar industrial region of Aleppo. At 2300 local time 27 March, Israeli bombs targeted this neighborhood, with “several” missiles intercepted by Syria’s air defense system. Again, there was no report of deployment of S300s delivered in October.

Though Obama previously gave Jordan one billion dollars to grant Israel access to Jordanian airspace, the former prefers illegally flying through that of Lebanon — possibly to feel more American in vicious flaunting of international law, and/or to pay tribute to its British creators who stroked the Balfour Declaration.

We remind Syria News readers that Israel is al Qaeda’s first air force against the SAR (and brags about providing state of art trauma care to al Qaeda on the occupied Syrian Golan). In September 2016, Obama massacred 83 Syrian soldiers to assist al Qaeda terrorists, but lied the slaughter was simply accidental. It was Mad Hatter Trump who officially gave the US Air Force to ISIS in Syria, when he intentionally bombed SAA soldiers based on the chemical hoax created by a British illegal in Khan Sheikhoun, whose medical license was permanently revoked for his terrorist activities.

Mass funeral for 83 Syrian soldiers massacred by US war criminal bombings was unreported in western media
Brit illegal was source of GB hoax. No matter his license was revoked in UK either, nor that he spent the day of fake bombings raising $$$ and giving interviews.

The intention behind the choosing of Aleppo — from among so many Syrian targets — is to reinvigorate the ground savages, those monsters who should be permanently incarcerated in facilities for the criminally insane. These takfiri have recently increased ground attacks on Syrians in Aleppo. Civilians in the city and the governate have had homes bombed, been blown up by landmines, been murdered by sniper fire.

Syrian blood in the streets of Aleppo, 13 March.

Pay attention to the NATO-directed, carpetbagging, warmongering media, 28 March. Count the news stories on how Israel’s criminal bombing Syria is perversely sculpted into some righteous acts of self defense. Wonder why these same news sources did not mention the murder of 5 year old Taim Zaabrani, last week.


He was on his school bus and murdered by a sniper. Remember that Yousef was also murdered by a sniper, in Aleppo, walking home from school, but NATO news did not permit you to know of him, nor of his savage, cowardly, assassination.

Yousuf, 9, killed by a sniper bullet while walking home from school.

Remember the fall of 2016, when western whore-journalists did nothing but pimp out emotional pornography, churning out mournful story after story about the various last terrorists of Aleppo: The last western terrorist-journalist, the last vet, last toy smuggler, last gardener, last selfie.

Remember the stories of the diplomat de Mistura, so very many astonishing stories from so very many [sewage] outlets, writing about this petite, wrinkled old man offering his petite, wrinkled old body as a human shield to protect armed terrorists and their dignity and their weapons to safely leave Aleppo.

Then, try to wonder why the same story-tellers did not bother to mention that he did not show up in Aleppo, and that he never mentioned it, again, after the city was reunified.

Israel celebrated Mad Hatter Trump’s demented decree by bombing Aleppo, at 2300 local time, on 27 March.

Remember this when you read the perversion of the truth, on 28 March.

Miri Wood


Dr. Bashar al Assad has issued a Syrian Presidential Decree divorcing Melania from Mad Hatter Trump.

dr. assad signs divorce decree for melania

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