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Israel Bombs Syria from Illegally Occupied Golan, Again

Israel bombs Quneitra in southern Syria with missiles - file photo عدوان اسرائيلي على سورية

Israel has increased its war criminal bombings of the Syrian Arab Republic from twice monthly to weekly. At 1230 Damascene time, 23 February, the US’s welfare queen launched a series of surface-to-surface missiles from the Syrian Golan criminally occupied, despite International Law and despite UNSCR 242 (1967).

The target this time was Quneitra. According to SANA the most recent of Israel’s war aggressions resulted in no casualties, but in unspecified material damages.

Israel’s criminal bombing of 17 February appeared to be a celebration of Nancy ”Botox” Pelosi’s arrival to tell the Knesset that her relationship to our welfare queen is “ironclad.” It is not surprising that Pelosi ignored this war crime.

Syria News reminds our readers that back in 2019, at an AIPAC meeting, she insultingly bragged that her dear old dad was a shabbos goy. This insult against Judaism should have resulted in her getting pelted with rotten produce, or minimally some boos from the audience. Because Zionism is fine in insulting Judaism, she not only received applause, but the ultra-conservative Arutz Sheva was also on board with the disgusting slur.

The botox queen address the welfare queen in the Knesset, Jerusalem, Israel.
The botox queen address the welfare queen in the Knesset, Jerusalem, Israel.

Israel previously assassinated — via sniper murder — Midhat Saleh al Saleh outside his home in  Ain al Tinah, Quneitra, which is in Syria.

Israel assassinated Midhat Saleh al Saleh outside his home in Syria
Israel assassinated via a cowardly sniper, Midhat Saleh al Saleh, outside his home, 16 October 2021.

Some sources have suggested that the increase in Israeli war criminal aggressions against the SAR may be a reaction for failing to address the Hezb Allah drone, Hassan, that recently entered Israel and returned to Lebanon, intact.

We again remind our readers that the Syrian Golan that is occupied by Israel, against International Law, and against UNSCR 242 (1967), which the NATO-run United Nations has never enforced.

We are currently unable to hyperlink Resolution 242, as it appears to have disappeared from the UN website, as has recently befallen — surely quite by some accidental glitch — UNSCR 1566 (2004), the resolution which defines terrorism.

Syria News, does, however, have a screenshot of part of UNSCR 242, which emphasizes “the inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war,” and affirms “(i) Withdrawal of Israel armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict.”

Israel & the UN ignore 242.
Israel & the UN ignore 242.

Surely, the sudden rapture of two fundamental Security Council Resolutions has nothing to do with the arrogant hypocrisy of POTUS Biden, acutely concerned for “sovereignty and territorial integrity,” which do not apply to countries that our supremacist president and other NATO imperial countries wish to destroy.

The US is the largest contributor to NATO.
Biden’s lying concern for sovereignty & geographical integrity.

When Trump unilaterally gave stolen Syrian land, stolen by Israel, to Israel, the NATO (including house servants) world was filled with either cheering or mutism. When the small gaggle of mad hatters threw a celebration at the fake Ramat Trump, even the pathological TDSers practically advertised rentals, on this stolen property.

It is the responsibility of all thinking members of civil society to note the murderous hypocrisy of western supremacist NATO; when the world’s leaders in genocide threaten another illegal war, allegedly to preserve “sovereignty,” it is our responsibility to point out every occasion that the imperial rabid hyenas avert their gaze, when Israel bombs Syria, particularly from Syrian territory.

Miri Wood

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