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Israel Bombs Posts in Damascus Countryside from over the Golan

Israel bombs southern Damascus countryside - Syria - file photo عدوان اسرائيلي على ريف دمشق الجنوبي من فوق الجولان المحتل - أرشيف

Israel carried out yet a new aggression against Syria, this time aerial aggression from over the occupied Syrian Golan and targeted posts in the southern countryside of Damascus.

The Syrian news agency SANA conveyed the statement of the Syrian armed forces spokesperson:

“At 11:18 pm this evening – 6th of June, the Israeli enemy carried out an air aggression from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting some points south of the city of Damascus, and our air defense media confronted the aggression’s missiles and shot down most of them.”

The source added that ‘the bombing inflicted damage to properties,’ at the time of the report.

This latest in the series of Israeli aggression breaching Syria’s sovereignty can only happen with the full support and protection from the United States of America and its other NATO cronies, the same NATO camp that is also carrying out attacks against the Syrian people in the north via the US army (aka Biden oil thieves), the Turkish army, these two are NATO’s strongest and second-strongest armies, and a slew of terrorist groups from Al Qaeda and its affiliates representing the NATO-sponsored ‘Moderate Rebels‘, and the Kurdish SDF separatists representing NATO-sponsored ‘democratic’ forces!

The news is still very little about the targets and the outcome of this Israeli aggression at the time of writing this report, we will update this post if worthy related news is reported.

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    • Arabi Souri

      There are English troops in a number of illegal bases in Syria alongside the US troops and their proxies of Al Qaeda and ISIS (ISIL) like in Al Tanf and Shaddadi.

      In our site’s search box type: Kamikaze

      It’ll return a post about English troops bombed in Al Tanf.


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