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Israel Bombs Homs from Over Lebanon Injuring 5 Syrian Soldiers

Israel bombs Homs in Central Syria from over Lebanon

Israel, the mini USA bombed a Syrian military site to the west of the city of Homs and in its southwestern countryside in central Syria from over the Lebanese capital injuring five Syrian soldiers, some unofficial sources say they were manning an air defense unit.

The Israeli bombing comes two days after its double bombing of Damascus within less than 24 hours, the Damascus bombing targeted a Syrian military post with Iranian military consultants in it killing two of them and injuring others.

A Syrian military spokesperson said in a statement carried by the Syrian news agency SANA:

“At approximately 00:35 in the morning today, the Israeli enemy carried out an air attack from the direction northeast of Beirut, targeting some posts in the city of Homs and its countryside.”

The Israeli aggression caused material damage and injured five Syrian Army soldiers, the military spokesperson concluded: “Our air defenses intercepted the aggression’s missiles and shot down some of them, and the aggression resulted in the injury of five soldiers and some material losses.”

That’s a standard Syrian military statement, don’t expect the Syrian army to give further details publicly, it’s part of its media policy not to give the enemy official news, especially when it’s preparing for a proper response.

Israel bombs Syria from outside the Syrian borders after the Syrian air defense shot down in February 2018 with a dated S200 air defense missile one of Israel’s most advanced F16 fighter jets that later crashed in northern Palestine and caused severe damage to an Israeli F35 fighter jet which it claimed the world’s costliest fighter jet was damaged by a pigeon flying at 35,000 feet high.

Syria has repeatedly called on its neighboring Lebanon to acquire an air defense system to protect its skies from Israeli aggressions, and subsequently, Syrian territories since Israel uses the Lebanese mountains as cover for its fighter jets.

The world is still mute after the previous Israeli aggressions, sadly, the two non-NATO member states of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council continue to support Israel directly and indirectly economically and by non-action against the aggressor despite the latter’s continuous war crimes against its neighbors and its ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people.

The Syrian people look at the Russian role in denying the Syrian air defense access to operate the 4.5 decades old S300 air defense systems it delivered to Syria after holding it back since 2010 at the request of Israel while it sold and gave the more advanced S400 air defense systems to NATO member state Turkey which played the most devastating dirty role in the war on Syria and also offered the same S400 systems to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, two of the US puppet regimes who also played their assigned criminal roles in the war on Syria.

Russia has also signed a very strange and despicable agreement with Israel to ‘coordinate their operations over Syria’s skies’ to ‘avoid clashing between their fighter jets’ over the sovereign territories of Syria. Russia can cancel this agreement immediately in light of the repeated Israeli aggression leaving the anti-Jewish Zionist entity more cautious when it wants to carry out its war crimes against Syria.

There Will Be Retaliation

Each time Israel bombs Syria, the US illegal military bases in the country will be bombed, that rule of engagement set by the Syrian Resistance and its allied forces is still in place, and there’s an unsettled score for 3 Israeli aggressions including today’s yet to be answered.

The killing of the two Iranian military consultants in the previous two Israeli aggressions against Damascus will be retaliated in kind by the Iranian’s IRGC Corps, they publicly vowed to do so.

The retaliation to these aggressions will be carefully calculated not to give the embattled Biden’s junta any excuse before its brainwashed people to start a wide-scale war under the false pretext of ‘defending its troops in Syria’ who are illegally deployed in the country and stealing the oil and food from its people, the retaliation will be costly for the aggressors, the US Army, and its Israeli proxy terrorists.

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  1. Paul

    So the West condemns Russia for preventing ethnic cleansing from the Fascist Junta in Ukraine but turns a blind eye to Israels aggression to Syria?? What more proof does the World need before it realizes that The US is starting WW3 to save its crumbling economy!!

    • Arabi Souri

      The West doesn’t turn a blind eye to Israel’s aggression on Syria, it’s an active participant in it, similarly in the Ukraine case on the side of the Nazis.

      The West is always on the wrong side because it chose to be the villain in our world.


    It is NOT the “WEST” as you say. It is ZIONIST KHAZARIAN ASHKENAZI (FAKE) JEWS who CONTROL and direct the WESTERN Governments and until you and others have the COURAGE to state that, the WAR will continue !

  3. Roy

    It would almost be unbelievable that Israel wouldn’t have attacked Syria this morning; just based on religious beliefs alone, and to that Christian mythology; if anyone in Christiandom wanted to predict the most probable day for Christ’s return, it would either be on or near Easter Day; add to that that Bibi is exactly where a God, if there would ever be such a thing, would want Bibi to be just to make a spectacular example of him to others; if it’s not today, there must be some fine theological reasons for why not today. Bibi will be defiant to his last dying; even, his fake name is a testament of his hatred of the very idea of a rule of law other than his own; making him a perfect specimen by which to warn others of his persuasion that the wages of sin is eternal death.

  4. Bricz.

    Israel support has evaporated.

    Retaliation to Israel is being cheered on more and more each day.

    The next major battle Israel will not be winning the PR campaign .


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