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Israel Bombs Damascus from over Beirut to Support Daraa ISIS Terrorists

Israel bombs the vicinity of Damascus to assist ISIS terrorists in Daraa Balad

Israel carried out a new aggression against the Syrian capital Damascus in the dense of the night, this comes as ISIS terrorists in Daraa Balad breach the latest agreement which was supposed to be concluded yesterday Thursday, September 2, 2021.

A Syrian military source stated: ‘at around 1:26 am today, the Israeli enemy carried out air aggression from southeast Beirut, targeting some points in the vicinity of the city of Damascus.’

Simultaneously, Israeli media reported: ‘Echoes of explosions heard over “Gush Dan” after the activation of the Syrian air defense systems.’ It seems that Syrian air defense missiles were chasing Israeli fighter jets over occupied Palestine.

The video is on BitChute and YouTube.
Reporting on the bombing as it was happening.

This latest aggression, the second in one month, was anticipated by all Syrian political analysts as the ISIS terrorists holed in Daraa Balad lost most of their supporters with 209 armed men surrendering their weapons to the Syrian Army earlier in the day and joining the reconciliation process. Syrian analysts, the author included, expected Israeli aggression to show support for these terrorists, this is exactly what happened each time the NATO-sponsored terrorists in Syria lost territory to the Syrian armed forces and their allies.

The stakes were higher for imminent Israeli aggression when the ISIS commanders in Daraa Balad breached the latest ceasefire around 6 pm local time, the ceasefire was already underway and dozens of more terrorists were registering their names to join the reconciliation and return to their normal lives.

In our previous report about the Syrian Arab Army restoring Daraa Balad we did explicitly declare that the latest deal is unstable especially that the fate of some of the ISIS commanders is not known yet.

Israel, for the second time in a month, breached international law, the 1974 truce which it’s a member of, and breached the UN Charter by attacking Syria from over Lebanon, thus also violating Lebanese air space. Syria should consider covering Lebanese air space with its air defense network with or without the Lebanese consent, patriotic Lebanese will welcome this step as it will protect their skies as well as protecting Syria from cross borders attacks from behind the Anti-Lebanon Mountains, and Lebanese traitors will oppose it as they work for countries other than their own, namely Saudi Arabia, France, and the USA.

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