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Israel Bombs an Empty Building South of Damascus shortly after Midnight

Israel aggression against Syria - bombing - archive

Israel carried out its 4th aggression against targets Syria in the past month alone, the latest was shortly after midnight firing missiles at an empty building south of the Syrian capital Damascus.

The Syrian military spokesperson commenting on this latest Israeli aggression said in a statement to the Syrian news agency SANA:

At approximately 12:45 this morning, the Israeli enemy carried out aggression with two missiles from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting an empty building south of Damascus. One of the hostile missiles was shot down, and no losses were caused.

This latest Israeli aggression has not drawn much attention from the Syrian-based media and activists like the others, we hope it’s not becoming a norm for an aggression to be ignored, and it seems that these sound noises Israel is making are signs of desperation in times where it failed to win any new war it waged since it was defeated by the Lebanese resistance spearheaded by Hezb Allah in May 2000 and was forced to withdraw from most of southern Lebanon in a very humiliating manner.

All claims by the Israeli propagandists and apologists that it’s targeting Iranian forces in Syria or Hezb Allah missiles convoys are a farce and are contradictory to Israel’s own confirmations that Hezb Allah is already armed to its teeth and does not need further missiles as it’s running out of places to store those massive quantities of missiles it acquired, and Israel itself knows that there is no such thing as Iranian bases in Syria, there are military advisors embedded within the Syrian army to exchange the experience in combatting terrorism and rogue states, and it’s basically taking advantage of the pressure on the Syrian troops combatting terrorists in their tens of thousands in more than a hot spot, and the need to confront two or more NATO occupation forces in Syria.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    And when Syria starts retaliating you’ll they’ll start crying they’re the victims surrounded by people who hate them and want to destroy them while they live in peace and bring love only to the region! Of course, just like how they stole the land in the first place and committed all those massacres the world is not talking about.

  2. Nora Booher

    Hopefully this marks an end to Western civilization as its main players seem to be incapable of anything else other than death and destruction, but just as the bubonic plagues of Europe were intentionally spread for economic reasons their minds were as much a disease as the plague that they spread and Western thought seems to be incapable or unwilling to stop it.


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