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Israel Bombs a Damascus Countryside Site after Midnight

Israel bomb Syria with missiles - file photo

Israel carried out a new bombing with surface to surface missiles targeting a site in southern Damascus countryside shortly after midnight, the bombing resulted in material damage.

A Syrian military spokesperson told Sana:

At about 12:58 am today, the Israeli enemy carried out air aggression with a number of missiles from the direction of northern occupied Palestine, targeting a point in Damascus countryside in the Zakyah area, which led to some material losses.

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The Syrian military spokesperson did not elaborate much on the aggression which comes merely 3 days after its latest aggression from the same direction on October 30th, the 3rd of such aggression within less than one month, the previous bombing resulted in the injuring of 2 Syrian Arab Army soldiers and material damage at the targeted site in Damascus countryside.

In its latest two bombings, the protectorate of the USA and its NATO cronies and their terrorists, Israel, have resorted to bombing from over occupied Palestine toward sites in Damascus countryside with the surface to surface missiles after its bombing of a military site near Tadmor on the 13th of last month October targeting troops of the Syrian army and its allied forces who were combatting ISIS terrorists in the Syrian desert, that bombing was carried out with the help of the US illegal forces deployed in the Al Tanf area in the depth of the Syrian desert at the joint borders with both Iraq and Jordan.

The Israeli bombing on the 13th of October with the help of the Biden troops was retaliated by a mix of Kamikaze drones and grad shelling at the Biden oil thieves based in Al Tanf on the 20th of the same month which resulted in an unknown number of casualties among the Biden oil thieves and the thieves of the regime of her majesty Q2E of Britain, both war ministries in the USA and Britain have yet to reveal their casualties. This retaliation seems to have stopped the Israelis from using those cannon fodder oil thieves as its human shields, seems that the Pentagon and the regime of her majesty don’t like to see many body bags coming back from Syria.

Furthermore, Israel has ceased to fly its ‘most advanced’ fighter jets gifted to it by the US taxpayers directly or near the Syrian borders after the Syrians shot down one of its F16 most advanced fighter jets which it denied for 17 months before admitting it, and severely damaged an F35 fighter jet which the Israelis claims it was damaged by a pigeon flying at 35,000 feet altitude!

Pressured by its consecutive failures in the face of the Axis of Resistance in all its wars against it, in Gaza, Yemen, Iraq, and Syria, and sitting hopelessly while the Iranians advance in their nuclear peaceful program and high defense projects, the US-fully sponsored Israeli entity is trying to start a war with such bombings it’s carrying out against non-strategic targets in Syria -so far- hoping the remaining troops of NATO in the region: the US, British, Turkish, Al Qaeda, and ISIS would fight on its behalf in such a war.

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  1. Nora Booher

    All the time I hear jokes from comedians about their mafia like mothers, but when you see behavior like this, it’s rather obvious that it’s no laughing matter.


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