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Israel Bombed Chicken Farms in Southern Tartous Injuring Two Farmers

Israel Bombs Chicken Hens in Southern Tartous - Syria عدوان اسرائيلي على جنوب طرطوس - سورية

Israel carried out a new bombing against civilian targets in Syria in the early hours of this morning targeting chicken farms owned by farmers in the town of Al Hamidiya in the southern Tartous countryside, the aggression left two farmers injured and caused significant material damage to homes, greenhouses, poultry houses, and agricultural lands.

This is the second Israeli war crime against Syria in less than three weeks in addition to the ongoing Israeli war crime of occupying the Syrian Golan since 1967 against international law, the UN Charter, numerous UNSC resolutions, and worldwide condemnation.

A Syrian military spokesperson said in a statement carried by Sana:

“At around 6:30 this morning the Israeli enemy carried out an air aggression with several missiles from over the Mediterranean Sea, west of Tripoli, targeting several poultry farms in the vicinity of the town of Hamidiya, south of Tartous.”

The military spokesperson added: “The aggression resulted in the injury of two civilians, one of whom was a woman, and some civilian casualties.”

Local sources confirmed there are no military posts in the region, this is a deliberate attack on civilian infrastructure, especially on the farming industry and it comes merely days after the USA and its NATO member stooges at the United Nations Security Council blocked a Russian draft criticizing the Israeli barbaric war crime of bombing Damascus International Airport on the 10th of June, last month.

Residents in Tartous reported very loud multiple sounds of explosions this morning, most guessed correctly it was an Israeli bombing as the Syrians are accustomed now to the continuous war crimes of the USA and its NATO stooges and their frontline attacking launchpad dubbed Israel.

Despite the strong statements against the previous Israeli aggression on the Damascus International Airport by Russia whose leadership insist on stating their full obligation to Israel’s security on every occasion to the extent of refusing to deliver air defense systems bought by Syria, the Israelis see no issues bombing Syrian targets right next to Russian military bases across Syria and challenging the Russian image in the eyes of the Syrian people who sincerely believe that Russia is a reliable ally in the war against terrorism, and who are unable to see the difference between ISIS terrorism and the Israeli terrorism waged against them.

Israel’s bombings in Syria aim only to hinder Syria’s efforts in combating terrorism, especially that of Al Qaeda and ISIS (ISIL) terrorism sponsored by NATO and commanded by the US army deployed in Syria, this makes every taxpayer in every NATO country an accomplice to the war crimes of Israel being the largest beneficiary of western aid.

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  1. Huda Hajjar

    This terrorist state doesn’t respect international law, like all its sponsors, it will only understand the power of bombing it back.


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