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Israel Attacks Damascus International Airport from the Occupied Golan Heights


The brave Syrian air defense countered another Israeli aggression on Thursday 22 of September at 1 a.m. Earlier this morning at 1 am, the Zionist entity Israel fired two missiles at the Damascus international airport which is a facility only for civilians.

The Israeli drone fired its aggressor missiles from the occupied land in the Golan Heights this time. Weeks ago Israel fired missiles at Messyaf town vicinity in Hama countryside, central west of Syria using the Lebanese airspace. Fortunately this time our brave men in the air defense countered the attack and shot at the Zionist missiles and one of them got burnt over the outskirt of the airport and caused material damages with no victims this time.

Activists on social media shared this footage of the SAA Air Defense Unit that fired at the attacking object and delivering a direct hit:

Lately, our air defense downed the Israeli drone over Al-Qunaitera. It’s important to mention again that Israel is going crazy after the majestic advances of the SAA and its allies in Deir Ezzor where about 85% of this province is under the Syrian control now and the American and Israeli proxies like ISIS are defeated.

The other proxy, the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces led by a group of separatist Kurds have joined efforts with ISIS terrorists in Deir Ezzor. That’s not surprising at all since they all serve the Zionist agenda against Syria.

Israeli hit and run from afar is one of the attempts by the enemies of Syria, boldened by the warm relationships surfacing recently between the Zionist entity and some of the Gulfies, to strip the Syrians the joy of victory against ISIS. US’s SDF proxies in the northeast act exactly in the same manner and just 48 hours ago Nusra Front, another US-created terrorist group that got so much of face-lifting and rebranding but remained ugly, launched an attack at the Russian Military Police positions overseeing reconciliation efforts in northern Hama countryside from their positions in Idleb.

Syrian Arab Army and allies will not get distracted with these losers but for sure will retaliate and are retaliating as we speak to each of these aggressions in a timely neat strong and precise response as deserved.

— Afraa Dagher

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