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Israel Attacks Beirut

Zionist Wahhabi Free Syrian Army

Zionist Wahhabi Free Syrian Army

A spokesperson for the criminal IDF organization stated that his state of Zionist racist settlers community known in the west as ‘Israel’ has used US Tax payers money to attack a target south of the Lebanese capital Beirut. He put it in another phrasing to fool the public opinion.

The spokesperson for the so called ‘Israel Defense Forces’ said the terrorist attack his forces carried out was in retaliation of firing of a few missiles another terrorist organization fired into north of occupied Palestine a day earlier. The alleged target which was ‘monitored and targeted accurately’ by Israel near Nahmeh area.

Nahmeh or Naameh south of Beirut

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command which headquarters is based in Syria and has a number of bases in Lebanon including Nahmeh confirmed a terror attack targeted one of its sites in Nahmeh without resulting in any casualties.

Some facts to bear in mind:

Middle East Trio Terror Sponsors
Middle East Trio Terror Sponsors

It’s not the first time during the Syrian crisis Israel itches for a regional war, it actually carried out attacks within Syria to provoke a war before the US dollar collapses further and trillions of monies evaporate in the world. It also wants to move the central of the imperial empire into occupied Palestine as one of the prophecies dictate Anti-Christ will come to reign over the Kingdom of Israel and will take the never found temple under Aqsa Mosque as his base.. We are waiting to see if it will be a tit for tat this time or a good false-flag escalation finally to satisfy the trio shown in the above picture.

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