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Israel plans Attack against Hezbollah to then attack Syria

Middle East (Source: CIA World Factbook)

Israeli regime is planning an offensive against Lebanese’s Hezbollah.

The senior editor at Veterans Today, Gordon Duff, said in an interview with Press TV from yesterday, that sources with the military of the United States say that the Israeli regime is planning an offensive strike against the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah and this would even confirm the earlier reports about the special training for several Israeli army troops in order to gain skills in how to infiltrate Lebanon and how to fight against the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah on Lebanese territory.

The senior editor at Veterans Today, Gordon Duff, is a Marine Vietnam veteran and has a lot of experiences with intelligence analysis, defence technologies, and counter insurgency.
In addition, his career has included experiences in international banking or acting as a “special consultant” and UN diplomat. Gordon Duff is working as a military affairs analyst for Press TV since a long time.

The political and military analyst Duff said in this new interview with Press TV from yesterday, that they (Veterans Today) are told by several sources with the United States military that the Israeli regime is already involved in armed reconnaissance in Lebanon and plans an offensive against the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah.

According to the information by the senior editor at Veterans Today, the Israeli attack against Hezbollah could already start “very soon”.

The objective and aim of the Israeli regime by such an attack on Hezbollah is clear. The Israeli regime wants to finally destroy the resistance movement in Lebanon in order to “pave the way for attacks against Iraq, Syria, and Iran.”

The senior editor at Veterans Today and Marine Vietnam veteran, Gordon Duff, further stated in his new interview with Press TV that their sources of the U.S. military say that the Israeli regime tries to down the Syrian Arab army (SAA) in the North of Syria with an offensive run out of Turkey and that the occupation regime of Israel further plans on “moving thousands of units in through Jordan; and catching Hezbollah from inside southern Syria and from Lebanon simultaneously.”

According to the information by the Lebanese army, a patrol of the Israeli regime forces had crossed the border of the known UN-demarcated Blue line near the Lebanese town of al-Labouneh, which is located in southern Lebanon, before it has been hit by the explosion of a landmine on Wednesday.

According to the report of a UN peacekeeper in the region of southern Lebanon, the Israeli army unit, which had consisted of about 10 Israeli regime soldiers, withdrew after the explosion of the landmine in the area. The Israeli army has already confirmed sometime later that four of its soldiers were injured in this incident. However, it is their own fault. Just do not cross lines you are not allowed to cross. In addition, it is questionable why the unit of the Israeli army has not taken care about the there placed landmines because it is known that there are still a lot of landmines lying around.

Shadow of men on the Vietnam War Memorial, Washington DC
Shadow of men on the Vietnam War Memorial, Washington DC

Meanwhile, the United Nations (UN) strongly protested to the Israeli regime for violating the sovereignty of Lebanon after an investigation into the incident. However, the officials of the United Nations (UN) are just babbling as usual. The strong protest against the violation of the sovereignty of Lebanon will be followed by… …nothing, as usual. And thus, the Israeli regime does not care about protests of the United Nations (UN). They never did and never will.

The Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour (of its caretaker government) said two days ago, that Lebanon will file a complaint with the United Nation about Israel’s violation of UN Resolution 1701, but this is the same situation as with the United Nations (UN).

The Lebanese caretaker government is also just using the typical babbling, while they know that the United Nations won`t care about such a complaint.

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  1. Bill Carson

    gordon duff is a known liar and a complete bullshit artist and this is not just my opinion. he hmself has said that a lot of the material that is printed on his website is just total lies and bs. whatever this man says, take it with a grain of salt. frankly i don’t know who he is or who he works for but i don’t trust him nor have i ever trusted him.

  2. mozes jacob

    Excelente oportunidade para o Hizbollah expurgar de vez essa entidade maligna que se encontra encrustado na Palestina, é como um carnegão maléfico, contendo as mais violentas bactérias e vírus do planêta. Mas, de que adianta apenas o Hizbollah, sendo que a maioria dos árabes estão com os invasores.

  3. Arklight

    There is a saying that, if you show your ass often enough, you’re going to get it kicked. Israel is showing its ass entirely too much. Personally, I’ve not really cared all that much about Israel since the Israelis sand USS Liberty. If Israel were content to stay home and defend itself, fine – – once Israel leaves its borders, that’s a different story.

    On the other hand, I’m sick of different Arab groups crying, whine, screaming about Israel’s zones of occupation. Israel beat all comers in fair fight and ended up with an expanded territory won by right of sword. Had the fights gone the other way and Israel had been pushed into the sea, would the Arabs have given back conquered territory? No Even the suggestion is ludicrous upon its face. Personally, I think that Israel is wrong to displace stateless Arabs in the West Bank, but I don’t dictate Israeli policy.

    In the meantime every Arab has much more to fear from al Qaida and Muslim Brotherhood than they ever have from Israel – – Israel is dead wrong to be invading its neighbors, but the Arabs are stupid if they refuse to recognize the immediate threat which is other Arabs, and their non-Arab confederates, bringing down the very countries which are whining the loudest about Israel. Get a grip.


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