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Israel Assassinates Midhat Saleh al Saleh outside His Home, in Syria

Israel assassinated Midhat Saleh al Saleh outside his home in Syria

Israel assassinated Midhat Saleh al Saleh outside his home in Ain al Tinah, 16 October. Al Saleh was 54 years old and had spent much of his young life in illegal Israeli detention in the Syrian Golan occupied by Israel.

Born under foreign military occupation in Majdal Shams, Israel first abducted al Saleh in 1983. He was released for a short period, and then kidnapped again in 1985. He was eventually released in 1998.

Al Saleh was a founder of the Committee to Support Prisoners and Detainees in the Occupied Golan (these are the detainees the NATO junta at the UN never consider, when that gang of klansmen demand Syria release criminals from jails, demand that Syria release spies and illegals it has not captured)

Israel assassinated Midhat Saleh 18 October.
Midhat Saleh al Saleh with President Bashar al Assad in undated photo.

In 2000, al Saleh was elected to the Syrian People’s Assembly on the Golan. He was also the Director of the Office of the Occupied Golan Affairs in the Syrian Council of Ministers.

Israel previously attempted to assassinate him in 2011.

At this writing, exactly one western medium has mentioned the Israeli murder of a Syrian citizen, in Syria. That was ABC, and it did so almost parenthetically, in a propaganda news report that infers Syria defending itself from Turkish supported terrorists was somehow a menace to Turkey’s sovereignty, and attempting to erase the entire Golan by claiming the assassination was “on the edge of the Golan.”

ABC parenthetically mentioned Israel 's assassination of Saleh al Saleh

As most US Americans have had a lifetime of being taught to worship Israel, we suggest they stare at the following photograph and try to imagine a foreign military tank on their soil, claiming it owns that area, pointed at another part of their country.

Imagine this Israeli tanker in Philadelphia, aiming at Camden, NJ. [Credit, AFP]

While Israeli media did not take responsibility for the assassination of Midhat Saleh al Saleh outside his home, in Syria, Israel did make the supremacist claim that Hezb Allah was “entrenching its presence” near to the martyr’s home.

Miri Wood

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