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ISIS Terrorists Kill Two Policemen in Daraa in Two Separate Attacks

US-sponsored ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists in Toyota pick up

Remnants of the US-created, funded, trained, armed, sponsored, and protected ISIS terrorists killed two Syrian policemen in Daraa yesterday in separate attacks with machine guns, the Syrian Ministry of Interior stated.

Honorary Lieutenant Ayman Al-Hammourah was killed by a group of masked men on motorbikes around noon time yesterday Saturday, 2nd of July, an interior ministry statement said, the statement added that the terrorist attack with machine guns took place at the main roundabout of the Khirbet Ghazaleh town in the eastern Daraa countryside where he served.

Syrian policeman Ayman Al Hammourah killed by US-sponsored ISIS terrorists in Daraa

Earlier at dawn yesterday, policeman Hussam Ismael Al-Sammarah was killed in a similar way by masked men on motorbikes who shot the policeman dead in the town of Mahajjah in the northern countryside of Daraa province. The slain policeman was a former member of the terrorist groups who joined the reconciliation process and joined the police force in his town when the Syrian Arab Army cleaned most of the southern region from ISIS (ISIL) and other US-sponsored terrorist groups in 2018.

Since 2018, hundreds of terrorist attacks were carried out against Syrians in the liberated areas, many were against Syrian army soldiers, vehicles, and checkpoints, and the rest were against farmers, children going to school, notables, public workers, and entire families.

Last month, June, alone scored over 50 terrorist attacks in the province of Daraa, 18 Syrian army personnel including officers were killed, and the rest were civilians.

Terrorist groups forced many men to join their ranks under the threats of killing them, raping their women and children, and withholding food from them, most of the Syrians who joined the ranks of terrorist groups were forced to do so and the vast majority of those did not fight against the Syrian army during the battles to liberate their towns, on the contrary, they fought alongside their country’s army and against the terrorists who many of them came from countries around the globe with the help of a CIA program to recruit, train, arm, and fund terrorists in order to overthrow the Syrian state and install a puppet regime in Damascus.

Al Qaeda and ISIS-affiliated Syrian terrorists who refused to join the reconciliation process were shipped to Idlib and other areas in northern Syria occupied by the Turkish army with the assistance of the Russian military police, others, mainly foreigners, fled to a ‘safe zone’ provided to them by the US army illegally deployed in the Syrian Al Tanf area in the furthest southeastern Syrian desert at the joint borders with Iraq and Jordan.

The US army at Al Tanf protects ISIS terrorists operating from a 50 square kilometers area around their illegal military base, trains, and arms the terrorists, one of the ISIS-affiliated terrorist groups who have an official online presence with the help of the US army is called Maghawir Thawra, the US army even carry out military drills publicly with them and brag about it!

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