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ISIS Remnants Assassinate Baath Party Official in Daraa Province

Syria Daraa Salama Al-Qaddah Baath Party local secretary in Al Hirak - اغتيال أمين سر حزب البعث العربي الاشتراكي في الحراك درعا

ISIS remnants operating in the southern region of Syria assassinated a Baath Party official in the city of Al-Hirak in the northeastern countryside of Daraa province yesterday 4th of August.

A group of ISIS (ISIL) remnants shot dead Salama Al-Qaddah (picture), the Baath Party local secretary (trustee) in the city of Al-Hirak near his house, local sources confirmed, the story was also reported by the Syrian news agency Sana.

Nobody claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack, the style of which, the target and the location all indicate to series of similar terrorist attacks targeting notables, political figures, public workers, and military personnel, the terrorists behind these attacks belong to the remnants of an ISIS-affiliated group that refused to be shipped to Idlib when the Syrian Arab Army cleaned most of the province of Daraa in 2018, and the rest of last year, 2021.

Among the targeted in addition to the above-mentioned attacks are former terrorists who laid down their weapons and joined the reconciliation process and returned to their normal lives, many of those have joined the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian law enforcement agencies to defend their families from the remnants of ISIS.

The terrorists who refused to lay down their weapons and join the reconciliation process or be shipped to Idlib have established their presence under the protection of the US army illegally occupying the Al Tanf region on the joint Syrian – Iraqi – Jordanian borders in the depth of the Syrian southeastern desert.

The US army provides a protection zone surrounding its illegal military base in Al Tanf from which these terrorists launch their terrorist attacks and return to the protected zone. Hundreds of displaced Syrian families remain hostage and are used as human shields by the US army and its sponsored ISIS-affiliate ‘Maghawir Thawra‘ terrorist group in the Rukban concentration camp located within this area under the occupation of the US army in Al Tanf.

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