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ISIS Re-Emerging in the Syrian Desert with the US Help

ISIS re-emerging in the Syrian Plains - Desert

The main fear of the United States of America in the region is the connection between Iran and Syria through Iraq. It’ll create a strong economic and civilized bloc that would threaten the satellite protectorates existing to serve the US’s hegemonic policies in exchange for the protection it offers them.

The US hegemonic policies are definitely not in the interest of the US people, rather the junta in control of the US through the politician puppets.

Months after losing territory it controlled and the killing of its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ISIS terrorists are carrying out sporadic attacks targeting Syrian army convoys in an attempt to disrupt his movement.

The following report by the Lebanese-based Al Mayadeen news channel elaborates:

The video is also available on BitChute:

Sporadic ambushes in Badia Al-Sukhna in the eastern countryside of Homs, and shooting at military convoys in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor, and targeting of members of the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF in its western countryside, ISIS announces the return of its activity at a low rate, the return follows the decisive blows the group has received since losing its last spot in Baguz last March and Washington’s announcement of the killing of the group’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in October in the northern Idlib countryside.

Mohammed al-Mashali, member of the Syrian People’s Assembly for Deir ez-Zor: Cutting off roads by the ambushes against the Syrian Arab Army, attacking these points or trying to reach the Damascus-Tadmor (Palmyra)-Deir ez-Zor road, but this did not happen, and will not happen, God willing.

Moves that do not pose a serious threat when compared to the peak of the organization’s activity in 2014. ISIS remnants are taking advantage of the Syrian army’s deployment on extended border fronts with Turkey, and the flare-up of the Idlib countryside front.

The group does not control specific geography and does not have more than 1,000 militants based in harsh hills, valleys, and caves.

Data make those moves an attempt to mix up the papers and say that the organization is still alive.

Mohammed al-Mashali, member of the Syrian People’s Assembly for Deir ez-Zor: There are those who finance this terrorism, is their presence in this sprawling desert came from nowhere? Is there no logistical support for these terrorists? So, there is a terrorist presence in Al-Tanf, let’s not forget this, and there is a geographical connection to the Syrian desert through the Tanf.

The Syrian army’s operations in securing the desert and high coordination with the Iraqi army and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) on both sides of the border forced the remnants of ISIS to work incognito, taking advantage of those who fled the Battle of Baguz and from desert areas experienced by most of its militants.

Working to revive ISIS after its loss of geography and loss of solid human structure serves U.S. plans, including the concerns of the Syrian army and its allies, and maintaining the argument of the U.S. presence to protect oil fields from ISIS attacks.

Mohammed al-Khader – Damascus, Al-Mayadeen.

End of the English translation transcript.

The latest massacre of 31 Iraqi security forces at the borders with Syria who were securing the crossing into Syria from ISIS a couple of days ago, and yesterday’s late-night cheap assassination of the two commanders who were credited for leading the resistance and defeat of ISIS in both Iraq and Syria are among the US attempts to keep this vital road cut, on one side it deprives Syria from trade with Iraq and Iran and thus help rebuild the country, keeps Iraq impoverished, and prevents Iran from reaching the Mediterranean and largely escaping the US sanctions.

Again, nothing in the interests of the USA itself, or any of its citizens, but much to do with serving those who serve Israel.

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