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ISIS Military Commander in Daraa Eliminated by Syrian Security

ISIS ISIL Daesh military commander in southern Syria Mahmoud Al Hallaq eliminated by a Syrian security unit

Within four days, the Syrian security managed to eliminate the head (Emir) of ISIS in the southern region and the organization’s military commander, both in complicated qualitative operations, and both were taken out despite the full support the terrorists receive from the US army illegally operating in the Syrian Al Tanf region.

The ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) top commander was eliminated in the city of Tafas in the northwestern countryside of Daraa last Monday, 15 August, he was called Mahmoud Ahmad Al-Hallaq who went by the pseudonym Abu Omar Al-Jabbabi, he led the “military wing of ISIS in the Yarmouk Basin” with strong connections with Israel and an Arab state as per a security source, (most likely Qatar), and was leading the training camps of the organization in the southern region.

Syrian southern region comprises the provinces of Daraa, Quneitra, Sweida, and much of the southern towns and villages of the province of Damascus Countryside.

Terrorists can move easily between these provinces due to the complex geographical and topographical nature and the massive open desert bordering both Iraq from the east and Jordan in the south, one, Iraq suffers from a large US presence, and the other, Jordan, is literally a UK protectorate and satellite regime.

Syrian law enforcement confirmed the killing of ISIS Emir Abu Salim al-Iraqi who blew himself up in a house after being surrounded by his bodyguard, another terrorist commander, and after taking the owner of the house hostage. The law enforcement agency says it was pursuing the terrorist al-Iraqi, US-sponsored media outlets omit that part in their reporting. However, it was the Syrian law enforcement who displayed pictures of the bodies of both ISIS commanders eliminated, the Emir al-Iraqi and the military commander Al-Hallaq.

Syria has repeatedly accused the United States, the US army, and different “intelligence” agencies of the USA and its allies of sponsoring ISIS in the country, especially in the southern region where the terrorists have committed horrific massacres, targeted assassinations of notables, police officers, army personnel, and even public workers.

The US army maintains an illegal presence in Syria with the goal of stealing Syria’s oil, and wheat, sponsoring terrorist groups, and prolonging the war of terror waged by the collective West and its regional stooges on the Syrian people, the largest illegal presence of the US army in the country is in the Al-Tanf area at the border junctions of Syria, Iraq, and Jordan in the depth of the southeastern Syrian desert where an ISIS-affiliated group a so-called Maghawir Thawra is based under the protection of the US Army and is a large beneficiary of weapons, munition, training by the US military, and funding by the US taxpayers.

The bold steps taken by the Syrian law enforcement, the Axis of Resistance, and the Syrian popular resistance in targeting and eliminating the terrorists operating under the US protection in the southern region, and targeting the US troops in the illegal military bases in Al Tanf and in the northern region is a further sign of Syria’s determination of ending all occupations by the US army and its proxies of the Turkish army, Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the Kurdish SDF separatists.

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