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NATO US’s ISIS Massacres 26 in Syria as NATO Media Mute

ISIS ISIL Daesh terrorists in Syria NATO US proxy army

NATO US-sponsored ISIS terrorists massacred yet another twenty-six Syrians in the eastern region of the Hama governate. The civilians were gathering truffles in the village of Duizen when they came under attack by the criminal savages.

At the time of writing, no further details have been released by the Syrian officials, though SANA reminded its readership that on 17 February, ISIS butchered fifty-three people, many farmers, in Homs.

Also, at this writing, two NATO-affiliated media have reported on this atrocity against the Syrian people.

Please note, that despite ISIS/Daesh being on the terror lists of NATO countries, and the United Nations, AP shamelessly continues to refer to these demons as militants; though the Western world official condemns racism, it remains a supremacist gaggle of colonialism: Syrian Arab lives do not matter according to the wretches who continue to drop weapons into the hands of mass murderers, as though dropping manna from the heavens.

In true NATO hypocrisy, the only times that the US gives ISIS the status of terrorists is when its illegal Centcom flouts International Law, and flaunts its invasion and occupation of the Syrian Arab Republic, under the lying cover that American military illegals are there to fight the ISIS terrorists. Syria News again points out that the US military invaders are also there to assist the SDF armed insurrectionists in the attempt to impose a new Sykes-Picot on the Levantine republic (and when not allowing terrorists to escape from Syrian jails occupied by these insurrectionists, and by Biden regime forces).

There is no difference between SDF & ISIS gangs; both are terrorists armed against the state.
There is no difference between SDF (above) & ISIS gangs; both are terrorists armed against the state.

As Syrians again gather up their dead, massacred by ISIS, Biden regime illegals continue in the Trump tradition of plundering the oil reserves belonging to another country: Today, the US criminals filled another forty-four tankers with Syrian oil, and transported them into Iraq.

ISIS in Syria continues to be supported by the US.

Miri Wood

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  1. Roy

    Most Americans are severely mentally ill; even last night as I was up late reading, 80 to 90 shots rang out, most of it rapid fire, possibly fully automatic; local kids playing gang warfare, shooting up homes etcetera. Meanwhile, the town where I spent most of my life growing up in their police and emergency crews literally eat children and never tire of killing old men and women; mostly in their so-called nursing homes which are actually nothing more than thinly disguised death camps. Unless, of course you’re a member of a select religious group, etcetera.

  2. Roy

    Why did the USA murder 26 innocent Syrians? Possibly because as they see it; anyone who believes in God must die as one American stated;
    However far one chooses to extend the definition of religion, there is no case to extend it to include Satanism. Satan is the one who rejected God, who said “non serviam” and would not give God his due. Satan presents the very antithesis of the definition of religion; Satanism is by definition not religion. It is blasphemy in its practice. Therefore, Satanism ought to enjoy no protection under the First Amendment nor any other law of the United States.

    In essence then the USA and all its allies are the very embodiment of Satan himself; and why Benjamin Netanyahu is exactly where God wants him to be; he is after all Mafia; the very same Mafia that murdered my mother and that is running the USA; all over a damn parking ticket. Perhaps Israel should check their bitch in Illinois, instead of murdering innocent children in Syria.


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