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ISIS Landmine Explosions Massacre 10 Civilians in Hama Province

US-sponsored ISIS Landmine Explosions Massacre 10 Civilians in Hama Countryside

Two landmine explosions massacred 10 civilians and injured 12 others in the eastern countryside of Hama, central Syria, the civilians were heading to collect truffles in the region.

The most deadly incident occurred in the vicinity of the Mustariha village to the east of Salamiyah in the eastern Hama countryside, the vehicle carrying the civilians detonated a landmine killing 9 of the passengers immediately and injuring 2 others.

A spokesperson at the National Hospital of Salamiyah confirmed the hospital received 9 bodies and 2 severely wounded individuals, and shrapnels were covering the bodies of all the victims.

Earlier in the morning, another landmine explosion killed a civilian and injured 10 others in the same region in the eastern countryside of Salamiyah. The wounded suffer from varying multiple injuries, the Syrian news agency SANA reported.

Locals and sources from the police in Hama said that the landmines were planted by the US-sponsored ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) terrorist group knowing that many civilians would be seeking to collect truffles in this region.

These war crimes added to the long list of war crimes sponsored by the United States of America against the Syrian people come 10 days after the horrendous massacre committed by the US-sponsored terrorist organization in which ISIS terrorists opened fire from their automatic machine guns on farmers collecting truffles in the southeast of Al-Sukhna city in the eastern countryside of Homs killing 53 innocent people.

The devastating earthquake killing and injuring thousands of people, the repeated Israeli war crimes bombing of Syria, and the continuous US, Turkish, and British illegal occupation of Syrian territories and stealing of Syrian oil, wheat, and depriving the Syrian people of their own riches are not enough for the bloodthirsty collective West, they have to massacre more people using their proxy terrorist groups.

Prior to the US and British invasion of Iraq, the region had not witnessed terrorism since the first wave of the British-sponsored anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorist attacks between 1976 – 1982.

Taking advantage of the NATO-sponsored color revolutions in the Arab World dubbed ‘Arab Spring’ and the rise of the NATO regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan, the political leader of the Muslim Brotherhood globally, the US and British ‘intelligence’ agencies revived the twisted Muslim Brotherhood ideology to recruit tens of thousands of terrorists forming the so-called FSA in Syria which soon revealed its true radical nature.

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  1. Roy

    Certainly, it would seem that my God doesn’t have much to recommend himself for. A total disgrace; reminds me of my grandmother on my mother’s side who died in an electric chair; Jewish; we of course, were raised as a Catholics; a worthless evil bitch of a God no better than Moloch, Christ gave his life for nothing.


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