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ISIS Emir in Daraa Blows Himself Up in Clashes with Other Terrorists

US-sponsored ISIS ISIL Daesh Emir commander in Daraa southern Syria Abu Salim Iraqi killed

The Emir of ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) in Daraa blew himself up during a clash with other terrorists killing himself, his bodyguard, a civilian, and one of the commanders of the other terrorist group, local sources confirmed.

Abu Salim al-Iraqi (from Iraq) took a civilian hostage inside a house on the outskirts of the town of Adwan in the western countryside of Daraa while during a clash with colleagues of his from another terrorist group, the terrorists used machine guns in their infighting.

ISIS emir (prince) hailing from Iraq and his name is “Abu Abdallah Al Baei” nicknamed Abu Salim al-Iraqi was appointed in his last post in 2019 after arriving in Daraa coming from the Syrian desert where he was operating with his group against the Syrian people and the Syrian army taking advantage of the protection provided by the US Army illegally operating in the Syrian Al Tanf area.

Al-Iraqi was based earlier in the Yarmouk Camp in southern Damascus, no thanks to the Palestinian Hamas who helped ISIS take over the crowded Palestinian camp.

Local sources said that there was some kind of negotiations that went wrong between the ISIS Emir and the commander of the other terrorist group, a so-called Yehya Muhammad Al-Muhammad nicknamed Abu Zakaria Mzeiraa, when the terrorist blew up his suicide vest taking out his life and the lives of the three others in the house.

Syrian authorities have constantly accused the US army illegally operating in southern Syria of providing safe havens for ISIS remnants who fled Daraa after the Syrian Army cleaned the countryside in two waves, in 2018 and last year 2021. The US army mandated itself against international law and against the UN Charter to breach Syria’s sovereignty and sponsor a plethora of terrorist groups under the false guise of combating them.

Hundreds of civilians, public workers, farmers, army, policemen, and security personnel, notables, and even former terrorists who laid down their weapons and returned to their normal lives were assassinated by the ISIS remnants over the past four years. The US Army maintains its troops in the Al Tanf where it sponsors the notorious Maghawir Thawra, an ISIS affiliate, highly trained, heavily armed, and generously funded by US taxpayers who hold thousands of Syrians hostages in the Rukban concentration camp next to the US illegal military base in Al Tanf.

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