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ISIS Command and Control Center Raided by SAA East of Deir Ezzor

SAA Raids an ISIS Quarters southeast of Deir Ezzor

ISIS remnants, with the help of their US sponsors, are trying to create new posts for their terrorist operations close to the towns and villages secured earlier by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies, especially in the eastern deserts of Syria.

Vigilant SAA and security officers, with the help of the locals, discovered one of their command and control centers in Al-Quriyah town and found a large number of weapons and munition, they displayed part of it in this video report (English transcript below the video):

Video also available on BitChute:

Video report English translation transcript:

During the combing operations of the areas cleaned from terror in Deir Ezzor’s desert, security forces and the Syrian Arab Army units with the help of the locals discovered an ISIS quarter south of Al-Quriyah town, southern (Deir Ezzor) province’s countryside.

While chasing the remnants of the terrorists who fled this area after our armed forces liberated the areas of Deir Ezzor and its eastern countryside, we discovered a terrorist den being recently prepared by the terrorist groups in Al-Quriyah area, eastern Deir Ezzor countryside towards the desert, this area, in particular, has been secured by our armed forces and the residents returned to it where terrorists are trying hard to create an environment of chaos and to return their terrorist operations to this area.

Based on tips we received of some persons coming to a given quarter, our security forces secured the location and its perimeter completely, the time for the raid was carefully chosen after moving the civilians away from this area where we found it’s an integrated den recently created by the terrorists they were using it as a base for their terrorist operations, upon searching the quarter we discovered a large number of weapons, food supplies, communication devices, and flammable materials prepared to be used by the terrorists instead of using gas and other materials.

Among the items found searching this quarter were a number of projectiles, assorted weapons, some of which were of Israeli make also we found explosive devices like suicide vests and Israeli made bombs.

End of video English translation transcript.

Donald Trump forces illegally positioned in Syria, especially those operating from Al-Tanf military base, have been working on regrouping the remnant of ISIS terrorists, augmenting them with new members coming across the desert from Iraq in the east and Jordan in the south, in addition to new forced recruits from the Rukban Concentration Camp through the ISIS affiliate known as Maghaweer Al-Thawra.

Instead of draining the swamp he promised, Trump has become swamp-drunk himself and turned himself into a cheap tool in the hands of the cult in control of the so-called Deep State or as they like to call themselves in their media ‘The establishment’, who knew how to play the incumbent puppet at the White House and made him executing their commands while thinking he’s resisting them.

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