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ISIS and Israel Collaborate: New War Crimes against Syria

Israel and ISIS relationship flaunted when Netanyahu entered Golan to meet and greet terrorists who received free trauma care.

ISIS and Israel have collaborated again to commit new war crimes against Syria. On 24 June, ISIS tossed a few missiles into an empty field onto the part of the Syrian Golan that Israel has illegally occupied since 1967.  This was done to give Israel yet another opportunity to bray about its perpetual victimization and need for fraudulent self-defense.  According to the Pan Arabic al Mayadeen, two Syrian soldiers were killed in today’s war crimes.  SANA reported Israel war planes fired upon a parking lot and residential neighborhood, inflicting civilian casualties and material damage.

Terrorist IDF proudly tweeted its most recent war crimes against Syria

Israel has provided al Qaeda‘s air force against Syria, since early days of the foreign terrorist war against the SAR, before the US became al Qaeda’s second air force, in September, when the Obama regime massacred 83 Syrian soldiers who were surrounding an ISIS regiment.  ISIS and Israel have been collaborating since long before the Trump regime slaughtered Syrian soldiers in Ash Sha’irat, solidifying its own collaborative efforts.

The ISIS and Israel collaboration has been ongoing, even before the FSA branched off into a few hundred sects of takfiri gangs. In May 2013, ISIS and Israel collaborated in the timing of Israeli bombing of Damascus countryside, so that the atrocious Kodak moment could be captured.

Damascus Bombing

Though not an official member of the NATO war criminal coalition against the SAR, Israel bombed Syria five times between 30 October and 19 December 2015.

Israel has provided ISIS with state of the art medical care, both in illegal IDF MASH units on the occupied Golan, and in Israeli hospitals such as Rambam.

This savage will require a minimum of two months of intensive physical rehabilitation in this Israeli hospital.  His external fixator shows five screws, meaning that his femur was shattered.  He also has a vacuum assisted closure (vac) device helping to suck air from the black sponge over an anterior thigh wound, to help compress and heal.

Another terrorist rescued by the terrorist invaders of the IDF.

This ISIS and Israel collaboration comes immediately after the SAA “repelled a large attack” by al Nusra in the al Baath region of Quneitra countryside which inflicted heavy losses against the takfiri still on the US terror list.

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