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IRGC Advisory Center in Syria Issues Chilling Threat to the Turkish Army

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The IRGC Advisory Center in Syria, the advisory office assisting the Syrian Arab Army in combating terrorists, issued a chilling warning to the Turkish Army in the wake of the unprovoked attacks against the SAA in Idlib.

After assuring the Russian President Putin that he will calm down and accepted a ceasefire, Erodgan launched a series of cheap shot strikes with the help of Israeli modified drones against the posts of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies which resulted in the martyrdom of a number of SAA and Hezb Allah soldiers, they were already engaged with al-Qaeda terrorists.

‘Your sons have been in the crosshairs of our forces for a month and we could have taken revenge.’ One of the lines in the statement issued by the IRGC center addressing the Turkish people.

The Center stated in the statement: ‘The force that opened the M5 (artery) was administered by the (Iranian) Revolutionary Guards and Hezb Allah and with the participation of factions of the resistance.’

The statement added: ‘The terrorists attacked Syrian Army outposts under the protection and support of the Turkish army, so we participated in preventing the fall of the M5 again.’

The statement went on:
The Iranian Advisory Center explained that since the beginning of the presence of Iranian forces that the Turkish positions in Syria were within our forces areas under the Astana agreement, stressing that the SAA allied factions did not target these Turkish forces in respect of the decision of the leadership.

According to the center, the decision not to target Turkish troops is still in force until now.

The Turkish madman Erdogan sent hundreds of Turkish Army soldiers with their vehicles and full gear to stand as human shields in front of the advancing Syrian Arab Army and allied forces to protect those terrorists, confirming what President Assad said: “I assure you, those terrorists are closer to his heart than the Turkish Army.”

More from the statement issued by the Iranian Advisory Center in Syria:

‘Four days ago, elements of the Tajiks, the Turkic Party, and al-Nusra carried out a large-scale attack on Syrian Army points,’ the center continued, adding that Iranian forces supported the Syrian Army so that the liberated areas did not fall again.

In the context, the Iranian Center in Syria stressed that despite the defensive position of our forces, the Turkish army has increased from the air and with fire support targeting us, explaining that ‘we have sent mediators to the Turkish army to stop the attack and this approach.’

The mediators also told the Turkish army that the terrorists attacked our posts with your support, according to the center, which also informed the Turkish army that the advisors are present with the Syrian Army for this mission.

It explained that the Turkish army did not take our request into account and continued the shelling, martyred a number of mujahideen, stressing that the Syrian Army artillery responded to the sources of fire and we did not respond directly.

According to the center, the Turkish army was informed that our leadership is determined to reach a political solution between Syria and Turkey, continuing to say that ‘we have informed our forces since the morning not to target Turkish forces inside Idlib in order to save the lives of those soldiers.’

The Iranian Center and the Mujahedeen of the Resistance Front called on The Turkish forces to act rationally, reminding the Turkish people that their sons have been in the crosshairs of our forces for a month and we could have retaliated.

‘We could have retaliated, but we did not do so in accordance with the orders of our leadership,’ the IRGC advisory center statement said.

The statement called on the Turkish people to put a leash on the madman Erdogan, actually the statement was more diplomatically worded:

The center also called on the Turkish people to put pressure on their leadership to correct their decisions and to preserve the blood of Turkish soldiers, and for everyone to reason and be aware of the great dangers of continued aggression against Syria.

Turkish madman Erdogan was invited by the Iranian President Rouhani for a tripartite summit that would include Erdogan’s dreams squasher the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad in order to resolve the ‘differences in opinion’ between the parties. Mr. Rouhani is a highly educated person coming from one of the ancient established civilizations, we need an interpreter street-level to spoonfeed Erdogan the meaning of these words.

Erdogan, however and from what it seems, being uneducated except with the teachings of the anti-Islamic Wahhabi religion and the British-created Muslim Brotherhood radical doctrine, rejected the Iranian banana to come down the high tree he climbed, Erdogan repeated the 2011 conditions to reach a ‘political solution in Syria’, we know this means he insists on including head-chopping terrorist members of his Muslim Brotherhood clan in a coming Syrian government and to alter the secular Syrian institution to allow the teachings of sectarian-based head-chopping education in it.

Erdogan has already rejected the Russian banana to come down the tree by targeting the SAA posts killing Russian personnel embedded with them knowing very well they are helping the SAA against the NATO-sponsored terrorists. The author is not sure that Iran can produce a bigger banana to Erdogan NOT on the account of the Syrian people, any further.

Iranian IRGC Missile - Yellow Iranian missile
Yellow Iranian missile

Just in case Erdogan hesitates, the Centre stressed that despite the difficult circumstances, it continues to stand with Syria, the people, the state, and the Syrian Army.

If someone knows someone who can explain to Erdogan that the circumstances of 2011 are totally different now and not in his favor, at all, please do so. Save the Turkish soldiers’ blood, there are thousands of them who would perish to serve Erdogan’s outdated dream.

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  1. David James

    Erodgan is under Threat. He has been TOLD, by both Israel, and the US, if Idlib gets liberated, his life will be forfeit.

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