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Iranians Elected the Hardliner Raisi as President, Thanks to Donald Trump

Iran President Ebrahim Raisi - Iranian

Iranians elected hardliner Ebrahim Raisi as their new president succeeding Hassan Rouhani who served for 8 years of the reformist’s wing in Iran.

This is not an exhaustive report on the elections or the candidates or the entire process in Iran, this report touches on how after 8 years of the reformist’s control the hardliner judiciary chief Raisi won the elections with a comfortable 62.95% of the 28.9 million votes (48.8% of the total eligible voters) and he won effortlessly.

Since the Iranian Revolution back in 1979, the Iranian presidents were hardliners until Mohammad Khatami broke the trend in 1997 and became Iran’s first reformist president for 2 terms until 2005. Two of the world’s superpowers invaded neighboring Iraq during the presidency of Khatami based on lies and fabrications, the Iranians felt threatened and elected again hardliner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

During the presidency of Ahmadinejad, the US and its minions became more hostile toward Iran and it was in the second year of Mr. Ahmadnijejad’s presidency that the United Nations Security Council started imposing its isolating sanctions against Iran for its alleged uranium enrichment activities claiming Iran was aiming to make the nuclear bomb, an accusation that was supposed to be reached within a couple of months an accusation that still continues for more than 30 years, and claimed by its enemies who possess all sorts of nuclear weapons.

Mr. Ahmadinejad’s government failed to lift the country’s economy under the increasing hardship due to the international sanctions, in Iran, the president is the head of the cabinet since the post of prime minister was abolished in 1989, this led to the renewed hope of ending the isolation of the country with promises from Mr. Hassan Rouhani, a reformist who finally reached the JCPOA deal, the nuclear deal that though managed to lift the UNSC sanctions against the country in exchange of Iran reopening up for the inspectors of the IAEA.

During all the former presidents of Iran and their different types of governments and economic programs, the country did progress way much than its enemies dreaded, most of which came thanks to the constant threats of the USA and its proxies, mainly Israel and the Gulfies, which led the country to invest in military-related industries leading to breakthroughs in other sectors. Had the USA actually committed to its obligations in the JCPOA under Obama and later Trump, the government of Mr. Rouhani would have been very successful. The Iranians would have felt more secure financially and less threatened, then came Donald Trump Israel’s representative at the White House.

Not only did Donald Trump withdraw from the JCPOA agreement, but he also increased the sanctions against Iran and extended it to sanctions against entities that deal with Iran leaving the already spineless Europeans with not much room to fulfill their commitments as well in the JCPOA agreement despite their continuous assurances they would.

Iranians hopes were diminishing before their eyes and the government of Mr. Rouhani failed to deliver on its promises, even that was not enough for Trump and who and what he represents. Donald Trump brushed away any chance for the reformists to lead the country no matter what they would achieve after he heinously killed Iran’s most revered top general Qasim Soleimani upon his arrival to Iraq on an official visit. The piracy of Iranian oil tankers in international waters also alienated the reformist wing in Iran in the face of strengthening the hardliners’ position in the country to the extent the former head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Air Force Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf as the chief of the parliament.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the country’s economy left a bad negative impact on the Iranian economy and the Iranian people, its role in propping up the hardliners in the face of the reformists couldn’t be compared to the roles carried out by Trump and the US cronies.

Iran’s new president Mr. Raisi is known to be a close ally of the IRGC, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps which the assassinated General Qasim Soleimani was a top leader in its ranks, he’s also a close ally to the country’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei, Iran’s top spiritual and executive guidance authority; Mr. Raisi has also built a good reputation, especially among the youth for his achievements notably in opening up freedoms while in his last post as the chief of the judiciary body. His popularity might explain the instant campaigns against him by Iran’s enemies that started the moment he registered as a presidential candidate.

Iran will prioritize its relations on countries not from the US/ EU camp, namely Russia and China, and more importantly, it will strengthen its position in the Resistance Axis with Syria, Yemen, Hezb Allah, the Iraqi PMU, and the Palestinian resistance, the regional camp that resists the US hegemony. Peoples around the world standing up to the US hegemony like Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, to name a few, will see in the Iranians under Mr. Raisi closer allies.

The EU and their USA leader have failed the Iranian people and their aspirations, they have failed their own people and their corporations in building stronger relations with Iran, Donald Trump brought out the ugly face of the western countries and it’ll be near impossible they could be able to hide it anytime in the foreseen future.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Thanks to the Syrian people and the surpass sacrifices since the independence, at least, the whole world is now standing up to the US hegemony and evil plots and it is fruitful, might be painful and long but the end results change history. Wishing Mr. Raisi good luck in leading his people to prosperity and to be a better ally to Syria and the axis of resistance.


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