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Iranian Logistics Vessel Bombed in the Red Sea, Israel is the Main Suspect

Iranian Saviz Cargo Logistics Ship targeted in the Red Sea

An Iranian logistics vessel sustained damage in the Red Sea opposite the coast of Eritrea yesterday, Tuesday, the Iranian Tasnim agency reported.

The news agency added that the damage is caused by naval mines plastered to its body.

The Iranian Saviz Ship is one of the Iranian vessels based in the Red Sea throughout the past several years and is tasked to provide support to the Iranian commercial ships passing through the strategic waterway separating Asia from Africa.

Many western outlets parrotted Israel’s reports today claiming the targeted ship belongs to the Iranian IRGC, this is to legitimize an act of war crime in international waters that would only threaten the security of traditional international trade routes.

Iranian Saviz Cargo Logistics Ship targeted in the Red Sea
Pentagon mainstream propagandists want to convince us that a large ship registered internationally as a cargo ship with 3 huge cranes on top of it and lifeboats on its deck is a spy ship!

Israel, in addition to pushing for a direct devastating US-Iranian military confrontation, needs to block the Red Sea and Suez Canal’s role in connecting the world’s trade to promote itself as an alternative through land and water lines after it gained recognition from some Arab states pressured by the Donald Trump regime. Trump has almost triggered the long-awaited Israeli dream when he murdered the Iranian most revered top military General Qasim Soleimani early last year.

Israel, the US protectorate and advanced war station in the Arab world, is named as the main suspect behind the bombing, this would lead to further series of escalations through retaliation, something that the ‘most diverse and inclusive’ junta of the White House is drooling over to divert their public’s attention from their failure thus far in tackling any of the issues they are handling, except in instigating more confrontations around the world.

This latest attack on the Iranian vessel comes less than a month after an attack carried out against another Iranian cargo ship heading to Europe in the Mediterranean. The same Pentagon and Israeli propaganda outlets couldn’t claim the containers’ cargo ship attacked on the 10th of March was of the IRGC because it would have been a too exposed lie to digest at the time. The attack was attributed to Israel.

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