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Iranian IRGC Officer Survives Assassination Attempt, Israeli Mossad Accused

Israeli Mossad fails to assassinate Iranian IRGC Commander in Zahedan

A high-ranking Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp officer survived an assassination attempt in the southeast of Iran, the Iranian official news agency reported, analysts linking the failed assassination attempt to the arrest of Israeli Mossad agents in the city three days earlier.

The Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA, the Iranian official news agency, said that at the dawn of yesterday Saturday 23 April, the car of Commander Hossein Al-Masi (featured picture) was attacked in a shooting and his bodyguard was killed in the city of Zahedan:

Following the shooting at the car in which Brigadier General Hossein Al-Masi, commander of the 110th Brigade “Salman Al-Farsi” of the Revolutionary Guards, was shot in the city of Zahedan, the capital of Sistan and Baluchestan province, southeast of Iran, his bodyguard, Mahmoud Absalan, was martyred.

IRNA refuted the news of the killing or injury of Brigadier General Hussein Al-Masi, commander of the 110th Brigade, “Salman Al-Farsi”, in the shooting that took place in the city of Zahedan, the news agency added in a separate report that the bodyguard of the targeted IRGC commander was killed in the attack:

Mahmoud Absalan, the bodyguard of Brigadier General Hussein al-Masi, commander of the 110th Brigade “Salman al-Farsi” of the Revolutionary Guards, was martyred in the city of Zahedan, the center of Sistan and Baluchestan province, southeast Iran.

The news agency confirmed the arrest of the four assailants quoting a security official who added: ‘those involved in this shooting have been arrested, and the investigation is underway with them at the present time.’

Three days earlier on the 21st of April, the Iranian General Security Directorate in the Sistan and Baluchestan province reported the ‘arrest of 3 spies working for the Israeli Mossad.

No party has yet taken the responsibility for this attack, fingers point to the Israeli Mossad who was involved in a series of terrorist attacks against the people and officials of Iran and against the people and officials of a number of other countries in the region and all the way to Venezuela in Latin America with the help and full sponsorship of their US brethren in international war crimes, there’s no official confirmation yet.

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