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Iranian IRGC Foil an Oil Tanker Piracy by US Navy Pirates

IRGC Seizes Oil Tanker in the Sea of Oman

The Iranian IRGC has foiled the piracy of one of its oil tankers by US Navy pirates, liberating its stolen oil and an extra tanker. The piracy is part of the US’s bloodless battle within a wider war, an attempt to block Iran from supplying oil to its clients and to its allies Syria, Venezuela, and Lebanon and to control international shipping routes, mafioso-style.

The US piracy and the IRGC’s liberation of Iranian oil tanker took place in the Gulf of Oman.

The Iranian IRGC released the following footage of the incident showing clearly its navy boats, helicopters, and drones participating in the operation and their close proximity to a US navy ship which they easily surrounded and forced to leave, also showing IRGC troops landing onto the oil tanker and taking control over it steering it to Iranian territorial waters:

The video is also on BitChute.
Biden pirates stole Iran's oil, & the IRGC liberated it, in the Gulf of Oman.
Biden pirates stole Iran’s oil, & the IRGC liberated it, in the Gulf of Oman.

This is the distance the Biden pirates traveled to be humiliated by Iran’s IRGC.

Biden pirates traveled 7,850 mi/12,633 km to be humiliated by the IGRC. How much did this cost the US taxpayers?
Biden pirates traveled 7,850 mi/12,633 km to be humiliated by the IGRC. How much did this cost the US taxpayers?

We do not know how much the thwarted theft cost the US taxpayers.

The government account of the Islamic Republic of Iran issued this tweet and a detail-less statement that the IRGC foiled the attempt by the criminal Biden navy forces:

The British empire resurrected piracy as norm on 4 July 2019, when its elite Royal Marines criminally embarked on the tanker containing Iranian oil, the Grace-1, under the flag of Panama, while it was engaged in innocent passage through Gibraltar (Gibraltar’s history, including the Utrecht Treaty, the UN Convention of the Law of the Sea, included, here). It was likely that the maritime aggression was not merely a criminal action, but a con to keep the media reporting on the criminal underwater sabotage of the Baniyas Marine Terminal in Tartous, Syria.

Pimping the bathos, a Gibraltar minister thanked the “brave men and women” of these British marines, as though they had risked their lives entering and seizing a ship in Gibraltar (British) seas; the Grace 1 is a legally registered ship abiding by maritime laws — not an ”NGO” ship whose renegade captain had rammed Gibraltar’s maritime police.

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The US attempts to pirate Iranian oil — thwarted by the IRGC — actually dates back to August 2020 when the Trump regime stole the largest amount of another country’s oil, after getting a “seizure order for the cargo from all four vessels” from a US judge, Jeb Boasberg, “of the US District Court for the District of Colombia.”

A sense of the size of an Iranian oil tanker, that Biden forces tried to pirate, thwarted by the IRGC.
A sense of the size of an Iranian oil tanker, that Biden forces tried to pirate, thwarted by the IRGC.

Imagine that! Thieves get permission from a thief, to steal.

Imagine also the déjà vu of Operation Ajax — the US and the UK united to steal Iran’s oil — but this time a failure (see “Why Venezuela,” here).

That August, the Trump regime Justice Department bragged about the “disruption of a multimillion-dollar fuel shipment by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC),” bound for delivery to Venezuela. The tankers were not seized, but used as a bargaining chip by the American thieves: Release Iranian oil, and we will not put you under illegal sanctions, nor steal your tankers.

Imagine — also — a foreign country declaring the British Royal Marines or the United States Marine Corps ‘terrorist organizations,’ and the world putting up with such arrogance. But that is exactly what Trump unilaterally did to the IRGC, in April 2019. Not surprisingly, the NATO-run supremacist UN remained mute over this aggression, despite it being in breach of the Charter, specifically Chapter VII, Article 39.

Let us not be shocked that Biden — who is not the antithesis of Trump, no matter what the NATO stenographers tell us — has kept the IRGC on this criminal list, has criminally followed in Trump’s theft of Syrian oil, and has attempted the geopolitical mimicry by stealing Iranian oil.

Trump unilaterally declared the IRGC ''terrorist'' in April 2019.
Trump unilaterally declared the IRGC ”terrorist” in April 2019.

Unlike the August 2020 largest oil theft in US history, when the captains and their tankers were not also stolen, the captain and crew of the Iranian tanker, reportedly made a deal with the devil; along with the temporarily purloined oil, the IRGC has custody of these petty thieves and traitors (we can anticipate a future Congressional Caucus meeting to condemn their trials; our pimps on the Hill are notorious for ignoring the plight of their constituents, but always have time to warmonger).

It remains impossible to ascertain what, exactly, happened on 25 October (and possibly brought into the news to coincide with the anniversary of the US embassy takeover in 1979), given various reports of the piracy and the rescue. Newsweek interviewed an unnamed ‘defense’ source, who claimed the pirates merely watched stuff and sent off flairs for dangerous maneuvers in the Gulf.

We are mindful, this is the same type of source that claimed dozens of US troops in Iraq had to be shipped off to Germany for minor headaches after the IRGC hit two bases with a barrage of missiles after Trump assassinated Gen. Soleimani, the same type of source that claimed there were no casualties after the recent kamikaze drone bombing of Biden illegals in al Tanf, Syria.

So we look to the US welfare queen in the region, Israel — which has bombed Syria several times in the past month — to find flared nostrils, condemnation, and veiled threats, all of which suggests that the welfare queen’s intelligence is angry that the US attempt to pirate an Iranian oil tanker was thwarted by the IRGC.

Thank you to the IGRC for stopping this author’s country from another hideous theft.

Miri Wood, with Arabi Souri

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  1. Nora Booher

    That’s nice for Syria, of course, another attempt on my life will probably be made just for saying so, but that’s how we roll.

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    Excellent work by the IRGC, the US needs more to stand up to its hegemonic evilness around the world, and thanks to the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian people, without the sacrifices, heroism, and suffering of the Syrians the world would have looked very different today, very ugly.


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