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Iran: Syria is the Victim of Today’s Events

Middle East, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia

Iranian Parliament Speaker: Attack on Syria means dire consequences for the region.

There are again new statements out of the Islamic Republic of Iran in terms of Syria and the increased rhetoric of war by Washington and France about a potential military strike on Damascus.

However, although the British Parliament has voted against the participation in a military strike on Syria, it is probably still better to include the UK administration in the “coalition of willing” for a military intervention into Syria.

The new remarks from Iran were made by the Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani and the former Iranian President, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. For example, the Expediency Council Chairman of Iran, Mr Rafsanjani, said in his new statements in terms of Syria and the potential airstrike by Washington against the Arab nation that the “arrogant powers are fuelling the Syrian crisis” and voiced his concern over the status quo in the Arab state.

The former Iranian President, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, further said that the Syrian nation is the only victim of the current events and that the people of Syria are the subject to chemical attacks by the terrorist groups. Rafsajani also pointed out that the Syrian people have witnessed how their beloved relatives, loved ones, and friends became the victims of the foreign-led terrorism in the Arab nation.

Meanwhile, the Iranian Parliament Speaker, Ali Larijani, has again warned about the serious and dire consequences for the entire Middle East in case the West is really launching a military intervention into Syria. Ali Larijani further stated that Washington is already working on an attack against Damascus since some time and that the war on Damascus is based “on a pre-planned scenario” by several foreign powers.

For example, the Iranian Parliament Speaker, Ali Larijani, stated in his new remarks that the U.S. administration in Washington have been preparing themselves “to act against Syria” already for months.

The Iranian official also said that even the UN Special Envoy on Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, has already confirmed that the administration of the United States have been preparing their military forces at least since four months to act against the Syrian government, while the majority of the European governments were opposed to the idea of launching a war against Syria.

The Iranian Parliament Speaker, Mr Ali Larijani, said to reporters in Iran:

“It has been for months that the Americans have been preparing themselves to act against Syria.”

Afterwards, he stated that the UN Special Envoy on Syria, Mr Brahimi, has also confirmed this and knows that Washington has been preparing its military to act against Syria for at least the recent four months.

Middle East
Middle East, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia

Recently, already another senior Iranian lawmaker, Mohammad Hassan Asafari, spoke about the accusations by Washington against the Syrian government that it has used chemical weapons in attacks against Syrian civilians and the scheme of the plot against Syria.

Mohammad Hassan Asafari, a member of the Iranian National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, said in his recent remarks that Washington attempts to exercise the “same scenario in Syria” that it has “implemented 10 years ago in Iraq, where they could not find even one kilogram of chemicals.”

In terms of the history of the baseless US-led war against Iraq in 2003, the statement by the Iranian lawmaker is certainly true. US-led forces invaded Iraq 10 years ago on a very similar justification that the former dictator of Iraq, Saddam Huseein, would have had so many WMDs (weapons of mass destructions) that they have to carry out this war because Saddam was the pure evil.

However, the WMDs were not there and nobody ever found all the weapons of mass destructions in Iraq. They are probably in the living room of Tony Blair.

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    • Arklight

      World orders come and go. When one fails, just wait a little bit and another one will come along, like a city bus. Russia, uncharacteristically, is reported to have made the statement (after Bandar’s stupid attempt to muscle the Russians) that war against Syria would result in KSA being expunged; not a bad idea, in my opinion, since KSA has been a scab on the *ss of the planet for decades. I rather suspect that KSA is a keystone in the NWO structure, but I’d have to do some more research in order to pin down the opinion, modify it, or discard it. Before I can get to it, KSA may no longer exist, who knows.

      • M. Klostermayr

        I guess Saudi Arabia just delivers the money.. while it backs religious fanatics and supports several Western intentions because the House of Saud knows that it would be history if he rejects to be subordinated. However.. its schizophrenic because I guess the West also knows exactly that Saudi Arabia supports (meanwhile) also other sides of terrorists..and so on. In my opinion, I either became a very freaky NWO guy (i hope not) or this world (the leaders, governments..) are not only hypocritical but schizophrenic in their actions. lol

        • Arklight

          Well, MK, somebody is always cooking up a New World Order that ends up drowning in its own self generated crap; then somebody else comes along, saying ‘Well, those guys had the right idea but it didn’t succeed because it wasn’t us doing it. We have THE PLAN, guaranteed to work, this time.’ When it falls on its face, too, there’s another bunch with THE PLAN, etc. Saudi Arabia isn’t selling much of its heavy, sour crude these days and its going trough money like a wood chipper so, how long before they’re broke, too? The world leaders and governments are right lot of wankers and sleaze balls, probably criminally insane, but certainly not fit for a world of decent people.

  1. Cc

    Iran has a responsibility to speak the truth. Their admin is not famous for it. Assad and Syrian media have done a remarkable job in constraining counter propaganda. That is part of their victory whatever the eventual outcome.
    On the ending comment “However, the WMDs were not there and nobody ever found all the weapons of mass destructions in Iraq. They are probably in the living room of Tony Blair.”
    Well, the receipts for their sale maybe.
    Btw, the Brits don’t hate Syria. They have an out of control 5th columnist led kleptocratic corporatist fascist regime that pretends to be a democratic government that is siphoning the wealth out of the country and abetting wars of aggression such as the covert war against Syria, with the aid of zionist controlled media. You aren’t the only people suffering at the hands of psychopathic megalomaniacs.
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    Vid is here –


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