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Iran Enters the Space Era Launching its Own ‘Thul Jenah’ Rocket to Orbit

Iran lanches Thul Jenah satellite carrying missile into orbit

Iran successfully launched its first satellite-carrying rocket to orbit ‘Thul Jenah’ on Monday 1st of February 2021, thus completing its entrance into the space era after finishing two satellites it has already built.

While the evil camp led by the USA which is led by Israel is trying to curb Iran’s defense capabilities by sanctions and attacks against Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, assassinating Iranian scientists, cyber-attacks, spying, and funding terrorist groups, and publicly bragging about committing those crimes, Iran enters the space race and launches ‘Thul Jenah’ satellite carrier rocket.

The rocket is capable of carrying a 220-kilogram cargo up to a 500 kilometers height orbit from the earth’s surface, it uses solid fuel in its two-stage journey to place satellites for different uses into orbit.

The video is also available on YouTube and BitChute.

Thul Jenah launch on Monday comes after the Iranian Space Corporation announced the manufacturing of the 120 kilograms weight “Nahid 2” satellite for communications which is scheduled to be put in orbit in the next month March, in addition to Pars 1 satellite which was received by the Iranian Space Corporation on the 5th of the past month January 2021.

Thanks to the US’s ‘Maximum Pressure’ sanctions, Iran is achieving its self-sufficiency in all fields needed and has shifted its economy from an oil-dependant economy to a diverse economy with the least dependence on oil, especially the export of oil. This would have never been achieved had the USA and its cronies not imposed their extreme sanctions against the Iranian people and allowed Iran easy access to international markets to buy ready-made equipment and tools it needs.

The sanctions forced Iran into creativity and innovations and liberated the Iranians from the control of multinational conglomerates that control other economies.

Thul Jenah puts Iran among the few countries in the space race and as an ‘assurance’ to its enemies: who can build a space rocket has already acquired the knowledge, the capabilities, and has already built way advanced defense tools that reach the hearts of its enemies, this is not limited anymore to the evil camp threatening Iran and also to those hesitant to cooperate with Iran in defense and other fields to please the west.

Biden wants to renegotiate the nuclear deal to include Trump’s conditions to it like blocking Iran’s ballistic missiles program and confining Iran within its borders stripping it of its regional influence, this at the time when the NATO and USA in particular planted their bases all around Iran, even Israel is stretching near the Islamic republic. Lanching Thul Jenah into space at this time is a significant setback to the hawks in the US regime, the more you add pressure against Iran the more you need to give concessions to Iran, not the other way around.

Let’s hope Syria will benefit from this achievement like how Syria helped Iran in its early years after the ousting of the US-stooge Shah.

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