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Iran: Next credit for Damascus

Iran / Syria

Iran has already opened two lines of credit for Syria. So far, the two lines of credit totalling $4 billion to Damascus by Iran and it is to expect that a third line will be opened by Iran soon in order to counter the negative effects of the international embargo and hypocritical sanctions against Syria.

The statement about the two lines of credit totaling $4 billion to Syria by Iran and the open up of a third line soon was made by a representative of Syria’s central bank in the capital Damascus.

Adib Mayale, Syria’s central bank governor, said yesterday that Iran continues to support Syria and is going to open up another (third) line of credit, which will be worth three billion dollars. This credit by Iran for Syria will be used by the Syrian government to purchase petrol and other important, associated products, according to the central bank governor Adib Mayale.

The central bank governor Mayale was quoted in the Syrian daily Tishreen on Monday. According to the report, the central bank governor in Syria also said that Iran is also considering an addition loan.

This planned addition loan is totalling another $3 billion in order to bolster the struggling economy in Syria, which has to deal with the economic impacts of the hypocritical international sanctions, the international embargo and war within the country.

It is, as said, to expect that the third line of credit will open up soon by Iran and that the Syrian government is able to soon buy more petrol and associated products because of the next line of credit by the Iranian government.

One can just hope that the struggling economy will become better again when the foreign-backed terrorism finally ends and the Arab nation is able to recover over the next years.

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