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Iran Criticises Arab Monarchs for Warmongering Against Syria

Prince Bandar and George W. Bush have met one day after 9/11.

Iranian Advisor slams some Arab states for their stance on Syria.

After a higher-ranking official from Tehran stated that Iran will support Syria in case the United States really launch their war on Damascus, also the senior advisor to the Iranian Parliament Speaker, Hossein Sheikholeslam, made some new statements in terms of the Syrian conflict, the increased rhetoric of war by certain Western governments and the hypocritical and dangerous behaviour of some Arab monarchs in the region.

Sheikholeslam said in his new remarks in regards of some Arab monarchs and their calls on the West to launch a military attack on Syria that such a behaviour of these monarchs in the Middle East (he certainly spoke about the regimes in Qatar and Saudi Arabia) would be very shameful and especially the case that a Muslim country asks the “enemies of the World of Islam to attack Syria” is probably the most shameful behaviour of what he could think of.

That these Arab monarchs in the Middle East would even urge the West to attack Syria, which is “the frontline of combat against the Zionist regime,” makes everything really nefarious. That`s certainly true. However, no one has really expect a honourable behaviour by the regimes in Saudi Arabia or Qatar, has he? The Saudi regime is a lackey of Israel and the regime of Qatar is not better.

The senior advisor to the Iranian Parliament Speaker, Hossein Sheikholeslam, also said in his new interview from Monday, that the U.S. administration of President Obama in Washington is really under a huge pressure by Israel, Arab monarchs (Saudi Arabia, Qatar) and certain warmongering capitalists in the West to launch its military strike on Syria.

Therefore, according to the Iranian Parliament Speaker in Tehran, Barack Obama is currently “trying to receive a permission for military intervention from the Congress in a bid to deceive the public opinion”.

Also the new President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, has yet again warned against any possible military attack by Washington on Damascus on Sunday. Iran’s President Rouhani urged a global condemnation of any foreign-led aggression against the Syrian nation in his remarks from Sunday.

Bandar bin Sultan. Photo:
Bandar bin Sultan. Photo:

The President of Iran said during a meeting with the Special Envoy of the Japanese Prime Minister in Tehran that the criterion should be in the framework of international laws and that any foreign intervention, specially military action contradicting international regulations, will lead the Middle East into an instability, hence it is “necessary that unilateral military actions be condemned and chastised.”

In regards of the US threats about a war against Syria, which will then be completely paid by the regimes in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, according to the liar and US Secretary of State John Kerry, it was to expect that one will be able to read many statements by officials and military personnel from Iran. Further, it was to expect that Israel will be a part of the many statements by Iranian officials and members of the Iranian military. However, the tone of the statements has intensified in recent days.

But this is probably to understand. In case the US administration of President Obama will actually launch its war on Syria, following its path of mistakes in recent years, and tries to implement its agenda in the Middle East, one can be sure that Iran will be the next target of foreign machinations after Syria has been bombed into the Middle Ages.

And under consideration of the expectable threats for the Iranian administration and the possible upcoming military actions against Iran, because Israel wants it that way and no other, it is probably better for Iran to fight on Syrian soil than to later fight on its own territory. Some would even say the same applies to Russia. However, it is always better to wage war on foreign soil than on its own soil, isn’t it?


Well, here are two videos from the rallies for Syria protesting against a potential aggression by NATO. The videos are from the recent “We love Syria! Hands Off Syria!” demonstration / march in New York:

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