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Interview with Martyr Paramedic Razan Najjar Before She Was Killed by IDF Terrorists

image-Interview with Nurse Martyr Razan Najjar Before IDF Terrorists Killed her in Gaza

Meet Razan al-Najjar, the young Palestinian hero paramedic martyr lost her life on 1st of June 2018 while trying to save the lives of others, she was shot at her chest deliberately by an IDF sniper terrorist.

In only 2 months at least 116 protesters were massacred by IDF terrorists, more than 13,000 Palestinians are injured out of which over 3,600 were wounded by live ammunition. The IDF terrorists shot dead 63 civilians and wounded almost 3,000 on one day alone in what’s called now ‘The Gaza Massacre‘.

Lebanese based al-Mayadeen news channel interviewed Razan al-Najjar (Arabic), a 21 years old Palestinian volunteer paramedic at the fence of the world’s largest concentration camp in Gaza just before Razan was shot dead by an IDF terrorist sniper.

Watch the interview with English subtitles:

Video also available on BitChute:

Transcript of the interview:

Live on air with us this Palestinian young lady Razan al-Najjar, God bless you Razan.

First of all, I wish you safety, oh you’re also injured?

Ola (at the studio), Razan is a Palestinian young lady, she’s still studying nursing now, she is treating those fallen here, the wounded ones in this area, we will listen now to her experience and also about her injury.

Razan, can you first tell us how did you first think about treating the wounded? Was it your own idea? Tell us, please?

I am Paramedic Razan Al-Najjar, I’m here at the frontline forming a human shield rescuer to protect the injured in the frontline, this was my own idea, nobody pushed me to it, I encouraged myself and wanted to take my chances, and come and try to rescue the injured here at the frontlines.

I had enough strength and courage to go through this experience and come here to the field and pass the zero line to try to rescue our fallen martyrs and the wounded ones, our brothers and sisters, and thanks to God I managed with all my determination and will to continue my path I started and which I will finish and will complete the 45 days.

Razan, you’re here since last Friday, and can you tell me the number of casualties you treated, the types of injuries, males or females?

My first day Friday was the most difficult for me from 7 in the morning until 10 pm. I was here full day, it was inside the frontlines, the zero line, I handled more than 170 injuries, among them were between 25 to 30 shots in the heads, also there were explosive shots in the legs, there were as well the gas affected cases, on the field, also with a martyr and 2 cases inside the frontline at the zero line.

I treated the two injuries on the field at the Zero line, I didn’t take them out to protect myself, no, I treated them on the spot so I wouldn’t lose both injured, I tried to give them all that I could from all of my heart while treating them, and thanks to God I managed to get them out (of the danger zone), and then I returned to the martyr, tried to give him CPR but he already was gone; and for me it was the most difficult situation.

And 3 days ago there was also one martyr, he’s, thanks to God still alive, but in a critical situation, my hand was under an explosive bullet in his head, and there was part of his brain out in my hand. The brain continues to work up to 10 minutes, the medics discussed to return this piece (of his brain) inside and thanks to God now he’s better, he’s still on life support machines, I wish him recovery.

– And your injury?
– Mine, 2 days ago there was a gas (affected) case, none of the team I was in could handle the case, and they called me to handle this injury, after treating the case in the field, and while I was returning I fell on my arm and broke my wrist, and my colleagues told me to use American plaster, I refused because I want to continue what I started and will continue for the 45 days whatever risks I face, despite all pressure, I will continue my path.

I want to state: I’m holding the ground on my land and I will get back my right with my own hands.

Your message today to Israel and its soldiers, you’re today standing face to face with them?

I’m in front of you (IDF terrorists), for sure they will see me, I am with my full strength, determination, and whatever you do to me, and whatever risks I’m exposed to by you, be it an explosive bullet, or gas, I will continue with my way, my path, and my determination and I will rescue all the wounded so they will return again and defend our land and regain our land, and we will regain our land and we will remain here until we get our lands back and settle in it.

I want to thank you very much, Razan, and she is a volunteer, and she is an example of the Palestinian struggle…

Ola, at the studio: Pass this message to her, Lana, may God bless your patriotism, Razan, we stand ashamed before these sacrifices, how we wish to be with you there, and may God bless her family. I can’t express how beautiful this footage is, and you’re from Khan Younis, and the other screen from Gaza, where prayers are now taking place, a wonderful scene.

Our greetings to Razan when hearing Razan talk about all those injuries with all those details, and with this strength, and in spite of that the continuation, surely may God bless her and all the people of Gaza.

Lana: I will, for sure, convey your message to Razan, Ola.

End of transcript.

The Israeli IDF terrorists bragged about their crimes against the Palestinians at the fence of the Gaza concentration camp in a tweet they later deleted: “We know where every bullet landed” they said.

image-IDF Knows Where Every Bullet They Fired Landed
IDF Knows Where Every Bullet They Fired Landed –

Can you now see how the US and the other countries support to the apartheid entity called Israel created such an ugly criminal bloodthirsty beast who knows only how to kill people indiscriminately and deliberately snipe the most vulnerable? Each US taxpayer should be ashamed for contributing to these crimes.

image-US Alone Blocks UNSC Resolution to Protect the Palestinian People, all other 14 members voted for the resolution.
US Alone Blocks UNSC Resolution to Protect the Palestinian People, all other 14 members voted for the resolution.

RT also had this video report in an article titled ‘Why does Israel get impunity?’ UNSC call for the protection of Palestinians was vetoed solely by the Regime of Donald Trump of the United State of America:

image-Martyr Razan al-Najjar
Brave Martyr Paramedic Razan al-Najjar – Rest in Heavens Beautiful Soul, the inhumane ugly person in the photo above, her boss and her people are protecting your killers.

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