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Intercontinental Wars – Part 3 The Open Confrontation

US Navy show of force - Intercontinental Wars

Intercontinental Wars – Part 3 The Open Confrontation is one of 3 parts documentary series by the Lebanese-based Al-Mayadeen News Channel, the documentary is invaluable and addressed to Arabic viewers and we took the initiative to translate it this part.

The documentary covers a number of pressing topics including and not limited to the Euroasian issue, peace, and security, the US attempts to keep its hegemony over the world, the use of terrorist groups and economy sanctions, and the responses from the opposite camp the rising powers of China, Russia, Iran, and the countries allied with them to create a multipolar world order to replace the fading away US-led unipolar world order.

Part 1 of 2 – Episode 3: The Open Confrontation

Part 2 of Episode 3:

Part 2 of 2 – Episode 3: The Open Confrontation

The video is also available on BitChute:

Syria is where the new world order will be decided, is one of the conclusions by the experts contributing to this documentary.

The unprecedented investment in terror and direct military intervention in Syria, above the maximum economic sanctions and blockade accompanying the intensive political and diplomatic pressure all covered with the hysterical western mainstream media propaganda non-stop campaigns and the unjustified losses and suffering of the Syrian people, shows why the experts interviewed in this documentary have come to the conclusion that Syria is paying the price of tilting the world’s power balance and setting the new world order for at least the coming three decades.

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  1. Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

    New “multipolar” world order is not new at all. The same Zionist Judaic financial cabal imposed on the whole world will continue to enslave every non-jew on this planet, but now going to do it in most brutal way comparable only to a Nazi’s labor camps.
    Latest development of AI will allow Jews to have a non-human slaves. Thus, non -judaic humanity is destined to the complete and final extermination. Sheeple unable to grasp the degree of hate the Jews have towards goyim.

    • Arabi Souri

      You can help by an idea on how to help stop those demonic plans just like how the Syrian people have stood up mostly alone. Imagine if the Syrians joined the US camp instead.
      You can also help by sharing our posts or bringing in other folks here and getting new opinions, maybe we can debate and reach a workable solution, we never gave up and we will never do so.

  2. Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

    Arabi Souri,

    I am not convinced that you guys are genuine “anti-Semites”.
    Mostly of so called Alternative media portals are in reality just a myriad MOSSAD/CIA ops with clever crafted narratives developed by professional reality perception managers.
    One reliable criterion I use to identify such an outlet is very simple: they are constantly sow hate between different groups of people, peoples, nations/nationalities, individuals, social classes, etc. When I feel this bitter taste, I know this is a MOSSAD op. At the same time they never touch a real fundamental issues: like who are those people who call themselves Jews; where are they came from; what their true ideology; what their global power structure; what their historical role; how they manipulate the world affairs today and what they planning for the future of humanity, etc.?
    So,I have a taste of a primitive hate coming from your news. But I am not sure either that you guys are typical MOSSAD payee.

  3. Arabi Souri

    We can’t convince you and not intended to. You are free to believe whatever suits you, but don’t turn our political struggle with Israel into a racist hatred and worse religious hatred towards any ethnicity or religion, those things are good enough for some facebook groups not for sites like this.

    As much as we appreciate your visits and comments and value your contributions here, we can’t be dragged to hatred spats. It would be much better if you can comment on the topics in the posts itself. There’s a post on this talking about the Political Zionism control of the USA, My guess is you missed it:

  4. Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

    Appreciate your invitation.
    However, “political struggle with Israel” , this is exactly what they want you to do, move you from the real battlefield to some sideshow which will be less or more under their control.
    Limiting your blog to “political struggle with Israel” you effectively fighting windmills, but not the true enemy.
    “Israel” entity is a temporary project, like many others before – Soviet Union the most typical example. Every project they induce to the world has specific objectives and never lasts forever. United States of America project almost achieved all of its objectives and became burden for them – it is going to be dismantled soon. Soon I mean in historical terms. Same about Israel – their beloved foster child – they will dismantle it sooner or later, because of this miscarriage clinically unable to achieve desired objectives. All of their projects are bloody ones – WWII was the most bloodiest in the history of mankind.

    If you ask me, what would be the most efficient method of fighting them? I would answer: – education, education and education… This is the only thing, they really afraid of; they are afraid of light of truth. And as brighter the light, the less their danger to humanity become and the more they fading away.

    We, non-Jews and all kind of goyim kill each-other for centuries inspired, directed; set up and framed by them. They want us to continue do it to the point, until we come to them, kneel down to them with tears and ask them to protect us from ourselves once and for all. Right from this moment what left of humanity will be subjected to the new world order with world governing body sitting in Jerusalem. But this is going to happened in a distant future. This is their strategic objective. We yet have to went thru the last struggle we as humans never experienced before.
    Syria’s struggle with Israel is a private party compare with world peoples struggle for survival under their foreign masters imposed upon them by Jewish global multifaceted power structure.


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