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Idlib: New Fratricide Kills Just One or Two Savages

Idlib - Qussour: UAV drone bombs a car kills foreign terrorists

Days after Syria’s Ambassador Bashar al Jaafari dropped the bombshell on the UNSC meeting that another false flag chemical attack was being plotted against Idlib, someone dropped a bomb on a terrorist’s vehicle, with him in it. Unconfirmed reports claim the residual mincemeat are comprised of two genetically altered Syrian moderate opposition, human garbage from Tunisia (“Sayyaf al Tunsi”) and Yemen (“Abu Hamza al Yamani”).

Early photographs show a mostly crumbled vehicle in a palm-tree lined street, with a small crowd of onlookers and the return of the stethoscope-less White Helmets standing around doing nothing.

Curious rumors are circulating that the bombing of the terrorists’ vehicle in al Qusour, Idlib was the result of a ‘coalition drone strike.’ Why would the fascist, war criminal coalition launched by Obama and accelerated by Trump waste a drone on two unknown takfiri scum, when the savages on the ground already have a glut of NATO weapons that have likely fallen like manna from the heavens?

NATO drones via the various factions of al Qaeda on the ground in Syria have previously hit the Hmeimem Russian Military Base in Lattakia, Syrian air defenses have previously intercepted terrorist drones fired in civilian neighborhoods in Lattakia, NATO drones have previously hit Syrian warplanes over Idlib.

Why would “the coalition” target two foreign schmucks that nobody ever heard of, in Idlib, while known foreign terrorists like Saudi savage Muhaysini and Iraqi degenerate al Firas and domestic savage al Jolani remained unscathed, while getting fat in Idlib?

May the residuals of the world’s human garbage, in Idlib, continue to be successful in their ongoing fratricide.

Miri Wood

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