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Digitimes: HTC withdraws from Windows Phone 8.

The latest report by the Taiwanese news portal Digitimes states, by citing alleged insider information, that HTC will further cut back its engagement in terms of Windows Phone 8 and new smartphones with the mobile operating system by Microsoft.

The reasons for the alleged decision at the known Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer HTC are again located within the development of the smartphone ecosystem from Microsoft and this comes as no huge surprise, to be honest.

The decision by HTC in terms of Windows Phone 8 from Microsoft seems understandable: while the market share of the mobile phones / smartphones with Windows Phone OS continues to not grow over the important five-percent hurdle, Nokia is said to already sell about 80 percent of all the units now with its current Lumia smartphone models.

Moreover, even Samsung has outdated the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC when it comes to the sales of the Windows Phone OS by Microsoft, according to the report by Digitimes.

Before the intense partnership and cooperation between Nokia and Microsoft, HTC was the main producer of smartphones and mobile phones with Windows Mobile (e.g. HTC Touch HD) and Windows Phone systems – while the Taiwanese manufacturer has then started to increasingly shift the priorities on the mobile operating system Android by Google.

HTC had started to sell two new Windows Phone-smartphones in the fourth quarter of last year, however, the manufacturer from Taiwan has no real chance against the Windows Phone-focused product portfolio by Nokia. In addition, the cooperation between Microsoft and Nokia is probably doing the rest.


According to alleged industry sources, the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC wants to concentrate more on smartphones with the mobile operating system from Google (Android OS) now – in order to stop the erosion of market share in this area.

This decision by HTC, when the information is correct, is no real surprise. Such smartphones like the HTC one, HTC Mini One and (probably) also the upcoming phablet (HTC One Max) are still quite successful for HTC and feature Android by Google in contrast to the smartphones with Windows Phone from HTC.

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