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Hours Before Declaring Daraa Completely Clean from NATO Terrorists

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After three years since the Syrian Arab Army defeated the NATO terrorist groups in Daraa, the time has come to finally clean Daraa province and the southern region from NATO-sponsored terrorists.

In July 2018 the terrorists found themselves alone face to face with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) forces and their US sponsors left them to their fate, the SAA accepted to halt the military operation to eliminate the terrorists favoring to accept a reconciliation mediated by the Russian center in Hmeimim which in turn lead to ending the terrorism in the southern region with thousands of youth joining the reconciliation, handing over their weapons, and returning to their normal lives.

The reconciliation also saw hundreds of terrorists shipped with their families to Idlib in the northwest of Syria at the borders with Turkey, however, a number of the terrorists remained holed in a neighborhood inside the city ‘Daraa Balad’ and others in some remote villages taking advantage of the US forces illegally deployed in At Tanf area southeast of Syria.

A sizeable number of the former terrorists joined the Syrian Arab Army ranks in a newly formed battalion under the 5th Corps, some for their compulsory military service like all other Syrian males, and others volunteered. The terrorists who refused to join the reconciliation continued their sporadic attacks against the civilians, public institutions, the Syrian army, and Syrian police posts, and against their own former brethren in the 5th Corps, over a hundred victims, were killed and others injured in these attacks over the past 3 years, the Russian mediators were asking for repeated delays for the final southern battle hoping to convince the terrorists to drop their fight.

The latest agreement was supposed to be concluded the day before yesterday with the remnants of the terrorists in Daraa Balad handing over their weapons to the SAA and join the reconciliation either in Daraa itself or get shipped to Idlib if they refuse to do so, the agreement also included that up to a thousand of the SAA soldiers be deployed in the province until the end of the process. The Syrian intelligence had confirmed indications that the terrorists were not sincere, as usual, and have convinced some of the members who joined the 5th Corps to set traps for the troops that will be deployed in the area.

Syrian Army commanders set a plan to start deployment with easy withdrawal when needed in order to flush out the traitors within the 5th Corps, and also to lure the terrorists into kill zones to save the civilian lives by avoiding clashes within inhabited areas.

The vanguards of the SAA arrived near Daraa Balad and took over a number of areas outside the city, soon enough, the terrorists and the traitors within the 5th Corps started their attacks against the advancing SAA forces, the SAA withdrew swiftly and encircled the terrorists in the kill zones they walked into, and those of the 5th Corps celebrated too early.

In desperate moves by the besieged terrorists they started bombing indiscriminately at the city they were telling its people they’re there to protect them, the terrorists shelled the National Hospital of Daraa with mortars and machine guns causing material damage in the Kidney Ward and its equipment, the shelling also killed two civilians one of them a child and injured 3 others.

The Russian mediators have not responded to calls by the leaders of the terrorists until the time of writing this report, the Syrian and Russian air forces have not joined the fight as well, this is a clear indication that the plan put by the SAA commanders is successful and no need for the air force, it’s also an indication that the supplies of ISIS-affiliated terrorists from the At Tanf area are not going to make it on time either by lack of air protection support from the US forces or by the lack of will by these terrorists.

The Israelis are anxiously seeing their Al Qaeda proxies being encircled in their last stronghold in the southwestern region, the Israeli fighter jets are constantly flying sorties across the borders from Syria, in the same time, the Syrian and Russian air defense are on their high alert to address any Israeli aggression especially after reports of Russian warnings to Israel that it will join the Syrian air defense efforts in thwarting any Israeli attacks and after the almost 100% score by the Syrian air defense shooting down the Israeli missiles fired at As Safirah in southern Aleppo province and against Qusayr in southwest Homs province.

The SAA is determined to end this open wound in the southern region finally, the terrorists can only surrender or get eliminated, no more reconciliation deals they can rely on to remain in the region. The area needs to be secured after the resumption of the work on the Syrian – Jordanian border crossing at Nasib and Jaber respectively. From our analysis, we expect this operation to end within hours, a couple of days maybe, let’s hope the Russians do not feel any sympathy to these terrorists and ask the Syrian leadership for any new delay of this operation.

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