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Hope: Syria Overcomes NATO Sanctions and Thieves, Builds Ventilator in 16 Days

Syrian made amal ventilator presentation

Syria has overcome NATO ‘sanctions’ and NATO thieves, and has built a ventilator — from scratch — in 16 days. The Aleppo Chamber of Industry held a press conference on Thursday to introduce the first Syrian made ventilator to the public.

The piloted artificial respirator was the result of the collaborative work of a team of medical and engineering experts joined by local cadre.

“The ventilator set is a scientific, charitable project which aims at encouraging the scientific research and connect it to the industrial development,” MP and Chairman of the Syrian Federation of Industry, Fares Shehabi, told gathered reporters.


Dr. Khair al Din Tarsha was the supervisor overseeing the implementation of this urgent — given the draconian and illicit sanctions against the Syrian Arab Republic and massive international reports of sticky fingers stealing ventilators and other essential equipment in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic — project. He explained some of the challenges of creating the proper engineering designs which would utilize existing electronic and medical materials. The successful goal was to work with materials that were available that could apply “differential equations and algorithms…that simulate global medical systems.” The result is that this will be able to be used in hospitals, health centers, and ambulances, and can function on room air or with concentrated oxygen.

Dr. Khair al Din Tarsha

Engineer Firas Kanaan was the design leader. He explained that parts utilized in the development of the pilot first ventilator produced in Syria were from existing materials culled from local manufacturers. A key challenge was to design the shape to fit the existing parts. “Dozens of designs were studied on the computer” and the smallest size and lightest weight was chosen for efficient use in all settings.

Engineer Firas Kanaan was design leader of this remarkable project.

Industrialist Tayseer Dirlet told reporters that the “work required double efforts and we faced difficulties in implementation due to the lack of the necessary electronic and medical parts,” and that the challenges were “overcome by replacing them with parallel parts.”

MP Shehabi told reporters that the ventilator will be presented to the Ministry of Health for testing and final approval. Upon authorization, the Chamber of Industry is prepared to create another ten respirators to be donated to the Health Ministry. Subsequent ventilators will be sold at cost, as this is considered an “open scientific project” that can not be monopolized as it is an essential contribution to tackling the COVID-19 problem.

The creative minds that built Syria’s first ventilator in sixteen days, sculpting its design to fit available parts, have given her a name: مل , Arabic for “hope.”

The first ventilator produced in Syria is the first one given a name, Amal.

Hope (Arabic: Amal) أمل

Miri Wood


This is Syria’s COVID-19 status as of 15 April; given the infected war criminal regimes of Turkey and the US refuse to leave Syria to go home and shelter in place, the containment of the coronavirus remains precarious.

Given that NATO media have trained their audiences to dramatically obsess over one issue at a time, and that many westerners may have forgotten the bathetic news stories of the lasts American illegal, Dr. Manpad, fake clown, fake gardener, cat selfie — leading up to the liberation and reunification of Aleppo, Syria News provides a refresher course in what the people of Aleppo endured under the NATO supported terrorists:

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