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SAA about to Declare Homs and Hama Provinces ISIS Free

image-Homs and Hama Provinces will be ISIS Free Soon

The declaring of Homs and Hama provinces ISIS Free will be soon after the Syrian Arab Army units tightened the noose on its terrorists, and destroyed their last gatherings and fortifications in more than 30 villages and towns in an area of around 1000 square kilometers.

The following video report by SANA quotes officers in the Syrian Arab Army’s 4th Division operating in Homs and Hama countrysides from the battlefields.

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  • Watch the video on Bitchute: as our YouTube channel is banned from uploading the video because YouTube discovered that a video clip it allowed with age restriction back in 2013 is now suddenly against their community standards and has banned us temporarily from uploading new videos: 

On 23rd of August, one of the Syrian Arab Army forces has been assigned the task of liberating Central Syria from ISIS terrorist organization.

This operation was qualitative and have inflicted the heaviest losses on the enemy ISIS terrorist organization and who supports it from Arab and foreign (regimes). This operation was initiated from al-Shaer (Gas) field, SAA units met at al-Faziyeh area, a ring was imposed around ISIS terrorists.

28 villages were liberated from ISIS terrorist organization, 1000 square kilometers and few kilometers are left to reach the separation lines.

We preach to our people in Syria that victory is coming inevitably and we tell our people in the countryside of Homs and the countryside of Hama that ISIS organization has been completely eradicated and what’s left for them are very few pockets which are being dealt with and few small villages which they’re already fleeing from.

They (ISIS terrorists) used all sorts of weapons supplied to them by the West, remote-controlled drones, booby-trapped vehicles, tanks… All technologies are available for this terrorist organization, with our brave armed forces, their sacrifices and dedication in fighting have given ISIS an unforgettable lesson, forever.

We regret ISIS and its Takfiri states came to these villages, we are now in the desert and you can find schools, infrastructure, farms, phone networks, water.. everything is available, ISIS terrorists came with a ready plot to destroy all of this infrastructure and fight Syria.

We Syrians will not kneel and we will not surrender, in God’s will, there is still a wise leadership leading the country into safety, and Syria will return as it was in the days before (war of terror) the country of safety, security, and stability.

Syrian Arab Army units carried out its military operations at lightning speed based on accurate information, monitoring and vigorous follow-up on the movements & nature of fortifications of terrorist groups holed up battles and confrontations were fought directly in the streets and houses of the village.

We are now in Souha area, it is liberated, we faced fierce resistance and heavy fortifications.

This area is called Hammadat Omar, we fought the fiercest battles with ISIS terrorist organization here. Hammadat Omar is considered the most important and oldest strongholds for ISIS in this region. it was declared ‘independent’ since 7 years and ISIS (formerly Nusra) was declared in this area.

The battle was very fierce, all the fighters against us were foreigners, mostly from Uighur and Chechens, we fought the battle from 10 am until evening they thought we withdrew at evening but the battle continued house to house, as you can see (from rubbles), they were using the schools as main weapons depots, we managed to confiscate their weapons.

At dawn when they saw the stubbornness and ferocity of the 4th Division fighters they fled and we chased them until the next villages.

The morale is high, in God’s will, and we will continue, in God’s will, and we will eradicate all these traitors, mercenaries and infidels and we will kick them out of our beloved Syria’s territories.

When ISIS terrorist organization established its so-called ‘Homs State’ and ‘Hama State’ has established torture centers and prisons in all the areas they took control of since 3.5 years, Centers like schools, mosques, grains silos, houses of ordinary civilians and others like what you see here iron cages to those who disobey them. This is one of the centers for torture and prison which was used by ISIS terrorist organization.

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