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homs deal breakthrough enemy lines

5o militants have surrendered themselves to the authorities who were considered  not  involved in Syrian bloodshed  turned themselves to the Syrian authorities in Al-Waer neighborhood in the Old City in a first step after signing a deal between the Syrian army and the Militants.

According to the deal, militants should be transported out of Homs escorted by the Syrian army and observers from the United Nations, meanwhile they get escorted to the  towns of Nubbol and Al-Zahraa in the countryside of Aleppo, and there they recieve humanitarian supplies and medicines. 


And the deal states that other that want to surrender will be met with them in the city tomorrow as stated.

However some asked :why did the government agree to a ceasefire and is going to let the terrorists out of Old Homs, I mean they are surrounded, isn’t it better to get rid of these rats instead of letting them out with their weapons, so they can attack the SAA some weeks later?

And the answer was :This would encourage more to surrender in other areas. Contrary to what we hear from different news outlets, the government’s policy has always been to minimize violence whenever possible. They couldn’t pass this chance in Homs because the terror gangs were the ones who asked the UN to intervene after having declared over 100 Syrian families as their hostages.(quoted from the words of Christopher Assad)

Still  We don’t have access to all the details held by the SAA commanders on the ground who have a proven record of good decision making, by now…

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