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Homs: al-Waer Terrorists Leave Towards North East Aleppo Countryside


The first batch of the 3rd phase of terrorists along with their families started leaving al-Waer neighborhood west of the Syrian central city of Homs yesterday.

This marks a very important achievement for the Syrian people saving the residents from further bloodshed through a reconciliation agreement that saw terrorists flushed out of many parts of infested cities and was accelerated after the NATO terrorists remarkable defeat in East Aleppo.

Al-Waer (El Wa’er) district is an isolated suburb to the west of Homs but played a devastating role with terrorists inside shelling indiscriminately at the city of Homs different neighborhoods with mortar projectiles and sometimes with more advanced missiles provided by regional powers, also it was a base for terrorists to attack Syria’s main petroleum refinery.

‘The current ‘reconciliation agreement’ is carried out under the supervision of observers from the Russian Military Police and other powers’, Homs governor Talal Barazi stated, he also indicated the full evicting process will take up to 6 weeks.

1,400 terrorists with their family members were evicted by buses provided by the Syrian government and headed towards North Eastern countryside of Aleppo, near their patron Erdogan the ruler of Erdoganstan (formerly known as Turkey). The total number of terrorists and their families to be evicted is about 12,000 out of 75,000 the number of residents of al-Waer. Just to prove once more that the vast majority of the Syrian people support their government and do not support traitors backed by foreign powers used to destroy their country and undermine its stability.

Homs – Terrorists from al-Waer District Evicted

Once completed, the eviction will restore the 3rd largest city in Syria back to life and the people of Homs who suffered beyond imagination will get back to their normal activities. Homs, the city that resembles all of Syria in its people’s diversity in ethnicity and religion, and the main base where Christianity spread and the home of the oldest Church in the world ‘Umm Zinnar Church’, was targeted for these same reasons and thanks to the determination and the sacrifices of its people and to the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army, now it will be rebuilt and will be once more the base for humanity away from Satanism brought by NATO 5th column agents and al-Qaeda terrorists.

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