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Hispanicstan the Lost Country for Hispanohablantes


While some of you might find the idea of Hispanicstan ridiculous, for many this is a life changing fact and restoration of a lost country stolen by colonial powers to establish a super power that will destroy the whole world by starting wars and inciting hatreds inherited from the previous British Empire, the mother of all sorrows in the current world.

Officially counted at 35.5 million people by the United States Census Bureau a few years ago, and the number might be way more than 50 million hispanohablantes as we speak, these people are mainly marginalized on their own land by more whiter people who came from northern western Europe during the migration waves a couple of centuries ago.

Hispanicstan – the other 3 states in darker blue are kept for future merging or special treaties

Hispanohablantes, people who speak Hispanic, or Spanish, are much more in numbers throughout the Americas, but let’s focus on the ones who can be the seed to re-establish their state stolen from them. The majority of people in this land have never been given the right to self-rule themselves, and were mainly used as cannon-fodders for the US launched wars worldwide, living in poorer conditions and forced to work under worse conditions for less pay.

The idea struck me while following the rabid campaign launched in western media and echoed elsewhere to grant the Kurds in the Levant the right to establish and never-before existing separate country carving it out of what’s currently known as Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran. They want to call it Kurdistan and want it to resemble a pure ethnic identity similar to what the Zionists want to establish on occupied Palestine, a religious identity which in turn is very similar to what ISIS represents: a pure anti-Islamic Wahhabi religion entity.

Kurds, or speakers of Kurdish language have lived ever happily in their communities and never felt being isolated or marginalized until the United States and its minis started destroying Iraq. Kurds, for those who insist on ignoring history, have reached leading posts over their neighbors in their history. I can easily name Saladin, the great Islamic caliph who fought the Crusaders and of Kurdish origins. How would he become the leader of a vast empire of mostly Arabs and other ethnic groups if his ‘people’ were marginalized or isolated? I will leave this answer to the western media gurus inciting this narrative.

Arabi Souri Facebook Profile Cover Photo
Arabi Souri Facebook Profile Cover Photo (Click here for URL)

On my profile on Facebook, I kept a cover photo showing the Syrian president Dr. Bashar Assad with top Muslim clerics including Syria’s own grand mufti sheikh Badreddin Hassoun standing to the left of Dr. Assad and Mr. Mohammad Abdulsattar al-Sayyed, the Syrian Minister of Islamic Endowment and Affairs to Dr. Assad’s right, and the prayer was led by the late martyr sheikh Mohammad Saeed Ramadan Bouti, who was assassinated with 51 of his Syrian Muslim Sunni students inside a Syrian Muslim Sunni Mosque called Iman Mosque (Faith Mosque) in the heart of the Syrian capital Damascus by an anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Suicide Jihadist.

Again, how are Kurds marginalized or oppressed or isolated if one of their clerics leading all other Muslim clerics in the Levant in a prayer attended by the Syrian president? The answer is with the same Zionist propagandists.

Some might refer to the few hundred thousands Syrian Kurds who didn’t get the Syrian national ID card, well you can ask the same Kurds what was the main reason for them not to obtain the Syrian full citizenship? If those asked are sincere, they’ll tell you: To avoid serving in the Syrian Arab Army and remain as non-full citizens in Syria. Similar to 1.2 million Iraqi refugees who escaped the US led invasion of Iraq and similar to 600,000 Palestinian refugees who escaped the ongoing massacres against them on their own land by the ‘entity of Zionist radical foreign settlers’ who use religion to occupy land and oppress its people, just like the same tactics of ISIS, by the way. All come from the same source.

Many prominent Syrian businessmen, politicians, actors and other figures are of Kurds origins, just like how many others are of Turkmenistan origin, just like how many are of Armenian, Druze, Assyrians.. and Arabs are.

If we to apply the same logic, then the better example where it’s more logical and justifiable would be in Hispanicstan, to carve states out of the United States of America where the majority of Hispanohablantes live, not in an area where towns are mixed and the only reason would be to create endless territorial wars among the people.

The ironic thing about a separate country for the Kurds, its main backer is the illegal entity of Israel! The move to establish the separate country for the Kurds exacerbated with the presence of ISIS. The campaign to promote the separate country for the Kurds is led by the same western media that sought destruction of our regional countries. The war against Kurds recently relaunched by the Turkish president Erdogan, who in turn is a ‘tool in the hands of Zionists’ as his late mentor Necmettin Erbakan described both him and the former Turkish president Gul before he died. If all of this doesn’t wake you up and tell you enough, you can go back to Sheep.

They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they're smart, it's because you're foolable. -Arabi Souri
They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re foolable. -Arabi Souri

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