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Hike in COVID 19 Cases in Syria: Total Cases Recorded Nearing 1600

Coronavirus COVID 19 cases in Syria stats - Syria News

COVID 19 latest count in Syria as per the Syrian Ministry of Health shows a hike in the number of cases discovered with the total cases reaching 1593 as of 15 August 2020.

408 cases have recovered from the total number and 60 deaths of patients who tested positive of COVID 19 before death, according to the official stats by the Ministry of Health which is working closely with the World Health Organization and the healthcare sectors in friendly countries, mainly Russia, Iran, China, Cuba, and others.

The current number of patients with positive COVID 19 cases in the country stands at 1125 cases, all in quarantine in designated centers placed in a number of provinces. New test centers have been opened, mainly in Damascus, the Syrian capital.

Due to the prolonged War of Terror waged against the Syrian people by the regime of Donald Trump and his predecessor the Nobel Peace Laureate Barack H. Obama, and their allies, the increased sanctions topped with the so-called Caesar Act by the Trump regime and the renewal of the European Union regime of sanctions for an additional year, both in the past month of June 2020, the Syrian health sector is being overwhelmed and facing serious shortages in all essentials.

Trump and his minions refuse to lift the sanctions off the Syrian people despite pleas from the World Health Organization, the UNICEF, and the United Nations itself, he’s betting on forcing the Syrian people to kneel for his demands in hegemony and securing the Zionists in Israel, he will not get either and the Syrian people have shown willing to resist at all costs and live in dignity unlike other US stooges around the world leaving the negative impact of these heinous and evil acts by the western governments and their regional stooges in the dead conscious of the citizens of those countries.

Trump’s war of terror added burning Syrian wheat crops as it nears harvest directly by Trump forces and by their proxy the Kurdish separatist SDF armed militia:

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