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Hezb Allah Didn’t Target an Earlier IDF Vehicle Manned by a Falashas Jew

Jews Falashas protests against the inhumane and racist treatment they receive in Israel

On the 1st of September 2019, a group of Hezb Allah fighters carried out a bold military operation against an armored IDF vehicle across the borders in occupied Palestinian territories, it was the retaliation for the aggression carried out by Netanyahu forces against the Lebanese group in Aqraba, Damascus countryside killing two of the Hezb’s fighters at their residence.

Previous to that Hezb fighters had a similar chance to target a manned IDF armored vehicle but refused to take out the target when the fighters noticed the driver was from the oppressed Falashas Jews. Not that the Falashas serving in the IDF terrorist corps are any less in their crimes against the Palestinians, though.

The Falashas are Jews who migrated from Ethiopia to Israeli occupied Palestinian territories hoping for a better life as they bought in the Jewish Agency’s luring campaigns offering free land, free housing, and high paid salaries to Jewish migrants. Their bad luck was these offers apply only to Jewish settlers of white skin, not to all Jews. Welcome to the last apartheid regime in the world, not only against the Palestinians but also even against its own foreign imported settlers.

The importance of the military operation Lebanese Hezb Allah resistance movement carried out across the borders with occupied Palestine will take years for the Israelis to analyze, understand, and comprehend.

The monitoring, precise targeting, follow up from the sky and from the ground, the double targeting one from a hill and the other from the side of the road, the filming, the detailed information Hezb has about the Israeli Ivivim settlement and the fortified military base in it, the patience and comfort of Hezb fighters taking their time relaxed to pick their target after a full week of the promise to retaliate by the Secretary-General of Hezb compared with the panicking on all levels on the other side among the foreign imported radical settlers, the politicians, and worse of all the 100 IDF terrorists officers and soldiers of the ‘elite’ groups abandoning their fortified base and fleeing in all ways crawling, running, and rolling on the floor leaving their documents and ammunition that a civilian reporter managed to walk through the abandoned base.

Above all the previously mentioned, we have Hezb’s determination and previous alert that they will carry out an operation across the borders from Lebanon as the Secretary-General Nasr Allah mentioned in advance compared with the remote control keyboard warriors or better say ‘worriers’ of the IDF terrorists commanding a suicide drone from hundreds of miles away and striking in the dense of the night a residential house.

If all of that is not enough, how about the extreme high alert of the entire Israeli community anticipating what everybody confirmed the inevitable military operation based on the built-up fact over 3 decades of Hezb’s credibility vs. the zero-credibility of Israeli IDF terrorists let alone their skank opportunist politicians, then the instructions ordered in the same hour immediately after Hezb declared they carried out their operation that everything can be returned to normal now without fearing another Hezb operation based on the same credibility Hezb proved.

Video also available on BitChute:

However, there’s a very important message the Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasr Allah passed that was not emphasized enough upon that Hezb Allah (wrongly written by western media as Hezbollah) fighters didn’t carry out their retaliation military operation on a previous target because the soldier in the vehicle was from the Falashas Jews.

Netanyahu forces have previously presented many easy targets for Hezb fighters to carry out their retaliation operation against, including armored vehicles with dummies as soldiers parked in places that could be confused from a distance as an IDF real terrorists inside their vehicle, which to the surprise of Netanyahu and the commanders of the IDF terrorists corps didn’t fool Hezb fighters, therefore, instead of the dummies, Netanyahu and his forces presented what they consider as less worthy human sacrifice of the Falashas for Hezb fighters to kill, who when killed the racist Sephardim and Ashkenazi Zionists wouldn’t shed a tear on.

It’s the same Netanyahu, closest ally to Trump, who in order to win the upcoming elections on the 17th of this month dragged his people to a military confrontation that would have easily escalated to a regional war and beyond if their suicide drone managed to achieve its target in southern Beirut.

Liar Netanyahu shows fake emotions to family of IDF terrorist Baumel

It’s the same Netanyahu who fooled his people by stealing in a very costly operation with the help of the Russians only half a body of a former IDF terrorist Baumel killed in Lebanon and told the parents of Baumel he brought the remains of their son back for closure.

Hezb Allah once again proved the high morale of the real Semite people of the Levant vs. the degraded cheap racism, bigotry, and criminality of the anti-Semite foreign imported Zionist radical settlers and land thieves.

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  1. Claire Tierney

    Would it be possible in your articles to replace the initials of the army to the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF)? They are not a defence force.


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