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Helmets Coordinating with Nusra to Stage Chemical Attack in Idleb

idleb, idlib

Idleb, SANA 22 August — The so-called White Helmets are coordinating with terrorist groups, particularly Jabhat al-Nusra terror organization, to stage a chemical attack in Idleb province and accuse the Syrian Arab Army of using chemical weapons.

Media reports say that the past few days have witnessed an unusual activity by the White Helmets members as information is being reported about terrorists preparing to carry out a chemical attack in the areas between Jisr al-Shughour and the northeastern countryside of Lattakia province with the aim of accusing the army of this attack.

Sources from Idleb told Russia’s Sputnik news agency that White Helmets members used 8 vans to transport a shipment of barrels from Atma factory near the Turkish borders which specializes in recycling chlorine, moving from Idleb’s northern countryside through Ariha until they reached Jisr al-Shughour area, all under heavy protection formal-Nusra terrorists, all while calls have been made to “reserve members” of the White Helmets in several areas instructing them to report for work.

Sources say that Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Idleb have been recently active in transporting shipments of chemicals to the “Turkistani Islamic Party” terrorists amidst strict security procedures in order to prepare for staging a new chemical incident.

Local sources said that in August 11th, al-Nusra terrorists transported two trucks full of barrels from a factory for recycling chlorine near Atma town to Ariha town, handing them over to the Turkistani Islamic Party terrorists who took them to their headquarters that were set up by the Turkish authorities in Jisr al-Shughour area.

The sources say the factory in question contains barrels of chlorine and other chemicals, and a number of foreign technicians are working at it under the directions of al-Nusra terrorists, adding that closed vehicles transport barrels to the factory at night on weekly basis and later more barrels are transported from the factory to an unknown location.

Yesterday, The US, Britain, and France issued a joint statement expressing “concerns” over a military attack on Idleb and threatening to respond to any use of chemical weapons, which implies that these states are planning to stage another chemical incident and exploit it as an excuse to attack Syria, just like what happened on April 14th.

Addendum from Afraa Dagher:

The western trio US, UK, and France that bombed us because of alQaeda lies about Douma did not apologize or offer reparations for the destruction of Syria’s Barzeh Science Research Center, despite the OPCW report. Instead, this gang starts its warning as usual against any “chemical attack” by the Syrian government. This is a message to these terrorists to start their attack and to give them a cover story.

Sama, local television gave more details.  The White Helmets transferred plastic barrels of chemical materials across Atama village on the Turkish border, whee there is a warehouse that produces chemicals like chlorine, that Turkey claims is to purify the drinking water.  Nusra along with White Helmets transferred these barrels from Turkey to Ariha then to the Jisr al-Shughour region (occupied by Nusra) for possible expansion to the eastern countryside of Lattakia.  It is an interesting ‘coincidence’ that the White Helmets have called their members to come to specific places in Idleb without giving a reason. If not stopped, these barrels of chemicals will be delivered to the Turkmen terrorists in Lattakia countryside.

Their terrible plot is to implement this chemical attack from Jisr al-Shughour and eastern Lattakia countryside.

Idleb is the final area of Syria still under terrorist occupation which is why they need to fabricate a chemical attack to give a cover story back to their masters in the west, to criminally bomb Syria, again.

idleb, idlib

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