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Grand Mufti of Syria: Speech of Badreddin Ahmad Hassoun

Grand Mufti of Syria: Ahmad Bader Eddin Hassoun

Badreddin Ahmad Hassoun – Beati Pacifici (Blessed are the peacemakers).

Badreddin Ahmad Hassoun, the Grand Mufti of Syria, in Damascus on the 24th July 2013. Very worth reading speech. I publish out without the speech without own comments out of the summer slump. The recording of the speech of the Syrian Grand Mufti as well as the original translation into Russian was done by Anhar Kotschnewa.

“Praise the Lord, the Creator of the world, that he sent those to us, who have brought to us the heavenly messages and that he has blessed us with peace.

I would like to welcome Mr. Akram, the head of the National Council, and Mr. Muhammad Jihad al-Lahham.

Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters!

We needed an encounter. But not to get together in order to have dinner, but to share thoughts about whither Syria has got into, which has the God sent down all three blessed religions.

Today, our home country carries a variety of wounds. These wounds have to redound for our family as a reason to unite. Otherwise, they will be torn into many pieces. In the past two years, our nation as well as our citizens have shown that they are a whole. The fire of the religious war has been kindled, but the people have extinguished it by its peacefulness and kindness. Three religious faiths were proclaimed, but the people answered with the unity in the faith.

They tried to divide us into the denominations, but we confess the belief in the light of love and kindness. They have divided us into streams, but our flow is the blossom of our home. Their goal is the destruction of the humanity. We want, however, to create a person who is living for the sake of his neighbour. Mr Hussein, who has assembled us here, understands that all. He has convened all those, whose hearts could not be torn apart by them.

My dear ones, you, who have come here today! I would like you all to not speak of it that we have gathered here today. But of what each of you has done for that the sons of our homeland will go to the negotiation table. You are all very important for our people. Each has his own role.

We can gather all our friends for the sake of dialogue because in the end, we are all children of one and the same nation. Syria remains an example of how one can live and thereby only bows down for God, and only touches in prayer to God with his forehead the ground.

Yes, they have tried to denigrate us in their media. But they have not been able to silence the voice of truth. For this reason they have banned our voice from their countries. They removed us from their satellite channels and they expelled us from the airwaves of the world.

If we are so weak, why have all these countries ganged up against us? 70 or 80 states, which call themselves “friends”, are striving to destroy our country.

Today, we enter the second half of the blessed month of Ramadan. My first call is made to those who have left their homeland Syria because of the fear for their lives, the lives of their children, or fear about the loss of their property. Come back! We fear a lot more about you than we are doing for ourselves. We have peace and prosperity. While it is not there with you. Our earth is blessed from above with the light of love. Every penny that is earned on Syrian soil is blessed by God ten times.

When King Nimrod has expelled the forefather Abraham, he asked whereto he should go. And as answer, he heard: to the blessed countries. We are committed to be an example for all peoples of the earth. We have an obligation to be exemplary, and we do not have to be afraid, no matter what one might do with you. That is your mission.

My second call is made to all those who have turned away from the homeland in order to change the government. They want to change the type of government in Syria. Anyone who resorts into bundles of contacts with external enemies in order to contrive any changes at his home, is a traitor. The ones, with whom he is sitting there, are colonizers who have stolen the wealth of these countries.

These are those, who have forced the people of Palestine into the exodus. Those, who have signed the Balfour Declaration! Have you forgotten what they have done in Afghanistan and Iraq? Did you forget? You did forget that they have smashed Greater Syria? These are those, whose friendship you are seeking today. You are sitting together with the grandchildren of Sykes and Picot, who have ripped your homeland into pieces 80 years ago.

How can you beg for the victory over your own people? They intend to divide Syria into quarters, into individual streets. But we reply to them: you will not succeed. Syria is in one piece through his sons, who are now living in schools, on the streets, and who have to spend the nights in park for those, with whom they maintain their friendships. The sons of Syria, however, do not think in categories of denominations. They grew up in a blessed land.

Grand Mufti of Syria: Ahmad Bader Eddin Hassoun
Grand Mufti of Syria: Ahmad Bader Eddin Hassoun

My third call goes to all the sons of our country, who have capital available. To all those, who have food and clothing. Today, your hour has come. God has called to feed the hungry, unhappy and robbed. And one is not doing it for his own reputation’s sake, but as a duty to God without expecting gratitude. Once, the Imam Ali worked for two measure of oats. Yes, he worked as a gardener to feed his sons, Hassan and Hussein, because work is not something you would have to be ashamed of it.

One should be ashamed of himself if he robs his home country. First they steal, and then they fast. The prayers of those who steal even only a piece of bread, will not be heard, regardless of whether they have fasted or not. When Ali brought these oats to Fatima, she has milled it and then baked some bread.

The door was open and a hungry beggar came in. Fatima gave him two flatbreads, so that the whole family stayed another two days without bread. In the next days, also an orphan and another beggar came in, and they were given all the bread.

I would like to address those, who blockade Aleppo, and have it brought to the fact, that a flatbread now costs 100 Syrian lira there. God will starve you and your families, just as you are holding your land in a stranglehold.

You act like this while you call yourselves “revolutionaries”? You neither know what a revolution is, nor do you know the good thing or the belief. You deal with people; deny them food and drink. If I disagree with you in anything, does this mean that we then have to torment each other with hunger? And if we disagree about the government, do we have to kill each other because of this disagreement? You are foolish, and your teachers are even more foolish. Is the government changed by the means of murders? And is it possible to force the people to believe?

In religion, there is no compulsion. If God wanted it, everyone would believe the same. Who are you, you, who want to force people to believe in this way, and not to believe otherwise? God alone has the right to judge at the Day of Judgment, not you.

You dealers and producers: open your hearts to the people, your purses, your houses, and your stockpiles! Do not allow it that your country has to go on its knees. A true defender of his homeland is not only the one who defends it with the weapon in his hand, but also those on the field, in the factory, in the office. We need to strengthen our own economy.

Shall their Dollars fall to our feet, while we preserve the honour of our Lira. He, who buys in dollars, is morally prepared to be colonized. He is a servant. But they are his masters.

My fourth call goes to the state officials, party officials, and representatives of the power structure. You are responsible for the country. Do everything possible that your children, when they read the history books, will be proud that you have been able to preserve the homeland. Do not look down upon the people, serve the people without contempt! Because your homeland, which you are serving, is the home of love and peacefulness.

I would like to perorate by turning to the representatives of the world religions, which keep their sermons on Fridays and Sundays. Preserve the unity of the nation! Soweth the good in the people’s hearts!

God will not ask us whether we have visited the church or the mosque. He asks us for our faith in him and about our love for the people. About the love of God and about our conscience. The human – that is the Qur’an and the evangel. The human – that is the Qur’an and the evangel (Gospel). The human is the Torah. He is the word of God. Our books are the word of God on earth. Maintain this word and sow the love in the hearts of the people.

In the end I would like to separately address the leaders of our country. Walk the Way of agreement with God’s help. Open the hearts and grant forgiveness to the people. God has placed you at the head of our country in a difficult time. Not we did it or anybody else.

He has done that and he knows everything. Maintain this country, lead it further on honourable and dignified ways, in love and truth. You are young and self-conscious. You have been chosen by God in this totally difficult time. Be a herald of the good thing for the nation, and a thunder for its enemies, for the envy of those, who want to destroy Syria. God has, however, blessed these people and their leader.

Tomorrow, the sun rises over Syria and we will say: you wanted to harm us, but we have responded with kindness. You wanted to humiliate us, but we wanted you to be proud of. You wanted to kill us, but we wish you the life.

There will always be those, who want the evil, and those, who want the good. I hope we will all meet again, and that those who will be with us, who are missing now: the children and parents of the victims, our brothers and countrymen. And I hope, my dear ones, that you will be the founders of a movement that works into the direction of an encounter with humans. With those, who have the tears for their lost relatives and their homes on their cheeks.

That’s our mission. Do not wait for someone else. Speak of what you have done yourself. We will not curse our past – we will learn from it and not repeat the past mistakes. Do good, which is pleasing to God. Conflicts lead to nothing good or to the blossom of the homeland. We need to work together.

Syria: you’re wonderful, and your people are wonderful. I ask God for peace for all of us. And not only for us, but also for Palestine.

We promise Palestine that, as long as blood flows in our veins, we will not forget Jerusalem and we will pray in the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Bethlehem one day. Then, when the Knights of Syria will liberate Palestine.

We are punished for our love for Palestine. Palestine – this is our way to heaven. Once, the Prophet ascended from Jerusalem to Heaven after he arrived there from Mecca. Only from Jerusalem, such a way leads to God.

Forgive my long speech, but I take my words straight from your heart and of your beautiful faces.”

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