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Germany Loves Terrorism

image- France Hollande - USA Trump - Germany Merkel

Berlin, 2017-03-07: Germany’s Merkel pledges full support for the illegal US-attack against Syria.

The smoke still stood over the scene of the Al-Shairat airfield near Homs, where Mr. Make America Great Again Trump’s Tomahawks had come down to deliver death and destruction, when the Chancellor of Germany, Mrs. Merkel, rushed to the microphones and declared Germany’s full support for the blatant violation of International Law. As if this dreadful person would represent the most noble parts of the German people, as if this Zionist agent would represent the glory of Germanic freedom. In fact, this disgrace to mankind does not represent anything else than her Zionist Nazi masters in Tel Aviv and Washington as well the German super-rich elite.

And, as if her salute to United Murder Inc. was not enough, Merkel additionally blamed Trump’s assault on the legitimate Syrian president: “Assad is fully responsible for this” she claimed in a press release in a phone call with France’s president Hollande.
And Merkel went on stating: “His [i.e. Assad; SH] repeated use of chemical weapons needed to be sanctioned.”

What a whopper!

Here we are again: As the Syrian Arab Army, heroically fighting against the German-funded terrorists of AlQaeda and ISIS (I had been reporting about Germany’s ugly role in this conflict), is gaining more ground and liberating Syria from the pest of Zio-Wahhabi terrorists, Germany, the power-plant of global terrorism and warfare, brings up the vile propaganda lies about chemical weapons again.
In this artificially hyped, mendacious propaganda orgy, neither hard facts nor proven evidence ever are presented – simply as neither of them do exist. Hence, no-one asks for evidence, as everyone knows this is all a lie to create the reason for a larger military escalation.
“The Federal Government regards as ‘plausible’ that the Assad regime is responsible for the attack on civilians with chemical weapons” the daily newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” [F.A.Z.] quotes a speaker of the foreign ministry.
This is the quality of evidences that Germany regards as acceptable basis for a brutal military aggression against a sovereign nation. “Obviously,” the F.A.Z.-article goes on quoting, “the Assad regime has deceived the world
with the statement, all off Syria’s chemical weapons were destroyed.”

Obviously you are an idiot if you buy this hilarious shit.

We all know that Syria’s chemical weapons had been destroyed by the USA under international observation. We all know the proven fact that terrorists used chemical weapons, killing civilians. But, as I stated, facts do not matter… Facts stand in the way of genocide and plunder, the business role model that Germany under Merkel does prefer – and this is not only “obvious” but proven hard-core fact (Afghanistan, Mali, Syria, Iraq, Yemen…).

The heap of evil-minded hypocrisy, piling up to highest mountains, is breathtaking. And breathtaking is the stupidity glooming from the ‘arguments’ which are spread in the mainstream warmongering propaganda outlets and in the imperial war-room called political debate (there is no real debate anymore in Germany, as all political parties more or less agree to the imperialistic agenda and its bloody methods).

At least, Merkel and her gang of Zio-Nazi thugs have never abandoned the position of lawless support of terrorism. Since 2006, Volker Perthes, head of the German government-funded think tank Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP), was
involved in plans for the toppling of the legitimate Syrian president and his government. In May 2011, the state secretary of the foreign ministry, Mr. Hoyer, in an interview announced Germany’s full support for the ‘Syrian opposition’.

Germany funded al-Qaeda with 33 mil. Euro via the so-called Syrian Relief Trust and, in 2016, with an additional batch of 7.6 mil. Euro via the “White Helmets”.

German weapons – from assault-rifles to sophisticated, radioactive MILAN anti-tank missiles – are found everywhere in Syria and Iraq in the hands of merciless headchoping mass-murderers – oops, sorry, I meant: Merkel-approved moderate rebels.

Since January 2016, German Tornado-jets deliver the intel about defined targets for the bombing campaign of the US-led so-called coalition, meaning: Germany marks the places where to bomb, where to slaughter innocent children and where to destroy Syrian infrastructure. Germany also spies at the movements of the Syrian Arab Army and delivers these data to the US-Army in Turkey, and we all do know that such data, of course, would never come to the hands of the terrorists, don’t we? And German Jihadists were sent to Syria by the German secret service BND. Now, that these experts in terror pour back to their homeland, the lying bunch of terrorists in Berlin claim Germany was threatened by ‘islamistic terrorism’ – the terrorism that Berlin itself had successfully been creating.

To sum it up, as I already have reported details of the German illegal support for Merkel’s terror gangs in Syria and Iraq, we can state that Germany, run by a foreign agent, is deeply involved into the war in Syria as well as in in Iraq.
Germany is partially responsible for the ongoing bloodshed in these two nations.
It is only a hope that one day this terroristic entity will pay the price for its horrendous deeds. At least, Germany owes Syria and Iraq Billions in reparations.

The blatant lies, the hypocrisy and the propaganda of the apparatus still may impress and mislead the intellectually underprivileged as well as those who stay willingly ignorant against the obviously aggressive character of the contemporary German foreign policy. Unimpressed by this, reality shows a different picture. It is a matter of time, following a rule of nature, that the repercussions of this foreign policy will strike and harm the ordinary people, the citizens of Germany.

The vast majority of the Germans seem to have no empathy at all for the victims of Germany’s foreign policy. Hence, it is just fair and consequent that the impact of this policy will soon come back upon those who made it possible.


The author, born 1964, is a German historian and political scientist.


A) Media report on the US-assault on Syria and the statement of Merkel in the conservative daily newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”,
a bourgois mainstream propaganda outlet that belongs to the gang which’s propelling antisyrian hatred and propaganda since 2011.

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