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germany implausible edward snowden

Espionage Germany / NSA

The German citizens do not believe the assurances of their German federal government around Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) that they first learned about the interception of the United States only due to the revelations of the whistleblower Edward Snwoden.

According to a recent survey by the German political magazine “Focus”, just 24 percent said that the statements by the German government would be credible, while 64 percent and thus, almost two-thirds of the respondents in Germany, said that they expect that the German chancellor Angela Merkel and her ministers know more than they have admitted it previously.

The Munich-based magazine “Focus” had ordered a representative survey commissioned by EMNID (one of the largest opinion research institutes in Germany) last week and thus, even before the appearance of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the press event of the German government.

There, while the national press event of the German government, the Chancellor Angela Merkel remained conspicuously evasive about every question in regards to Prism, the intelligence cooperation in the Internet era, and the possible threat of civil rights, according to observations of political analysts.

Even the former director of the NSA (National Security Agency), Michael Hayden, has made it very clear at an interview with the German state television ZDF that the German politicians know more than what was already published about these topics around whistleblower Edard Snowden, Prism and the acts of the German intelligence service as well as the actions of their politicians.

The former NSA Director Michael Hayden was asked in this interview with the German state television ZDF to answer the question of what he really thinks about the surprise, which was shown by German politicians in regards of the leaks and revelations by Edward Snowden.

Former NSA Director Michael Hayden said the following in his response to this question:

“I’m very disrespectful now, okay? This is like in this movie scene from “Casablanca”, in which the police chief Renault is informed that gambling is currently taking place in Rick’s Café. Look, all states do spy, all modern states operate electronic espionage. All do this within the borders of their laws… So, well… Let’s leave it at that.”

Meanwhile, the German political magazine “Focus” has cited the German intelligence expert, Mr Erich Schmidt-Eenboom, with the words that the information policy of the federal government is “completely implausible.”

The head of the German Research Institute for Peace policy, Erich Schmidt-Eenboom, said that he considers it as “almost impossible that neither the German services nor the German government do not know anything about the extensive espionage of the NSA”.

Meanwhile, the German political magazine “Spiegel” reports in its latest issue about the use of the NSA espionage software XKeyscore by the German intelligence service (BND).

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  1. Arklight

    There are too many Germans who remember, either directly or at 2nd or 3rd hand, the Stasi; there are still a large number who remember directly the Gestapo, SD and others; they’re not fooled in the least by Merckel’s protestations of innocence. I look to see her booted out on her kiester in the next election.

    • M K

      indeed lol.. it is just sad that the political opposition knows about this, too.. and they are all in the same boat of lies and being servants of foreign powers such as the NSA


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