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German FM: Syrian Rebels Must Distance Themselves from Terrorists


The German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle (FDP) said today that the so-called Syrian opposition must distance themselves from the “terrorists and extremists” in Syria and that the German government was and is skeptical about any military aid, especially weapons, to the so-called rebels in Syria.

According to the latest statement by the German Foreign Minister Westerwelle, the so-called (external and staged) Syrian opposition fighting in Syria against the government in Damascus and against the Syrian Arab Army must distance themselves from the radical elements and Islamist groups.

The German administration expects, so the German FM Westerwelle, that the opposition will clearly distance itself from terrorist and extremist forces fighting in Syria. The Foreign Minister of Germany, who is called a “clown” by more and more Germans due to his partly stupid comments and behavior in recent years and who has already proven that he is just fulfilling “orders” without any own backbone, told some reports in the Turkish city of Istanbul that the opposition must distance itself from the religious fanatics and extremists in Syria.

It is somehow funny that the German Foreign Minister Westerwelle said this while he is participating at the so-called “Friends of Syria” meeting in Istanbul. A group including the United States, France, Britain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia – thus, no real friends of the Syrian people. In reality, nothing more than enemies of the secular Syrian state and the Syrian population. Without the crimes of these so-called democratic governments, there would never have been so much violence and bloodshed in Syria.

The German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle also said that the German government is skeptical about the delivery of arms to the Syrian opposition fighters in Syria because all these weapons could fall into the false hands and that this matter is now a matter which has to be debated in the European Union (EU).

terrorists in sheik maqsoud
terrorists in sheik maqsoud

To be honest, the weapons already felt into the wrong hands since months and all the military aid and arms for the terrorists and jihadists in Syria are not only an act against international law but also a crime and nothing else than a horrible performed act of state terrorism and the performing of a proxy war.

The so-called European Union and also the German government won’t be able to stop the arms supply for the terrorists in Syria due to the situation that the most governments are subordinated to the United States and Westerwelle, for example, sure has not the balls to reject such American wishes.

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  1. Fatime

    How can terrorists distance themselves from themselves??? Westerwelle is a ridiculous pig – as today he said he would accept the lift of the EU ban on arms trade…


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