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German Rapper Turned Jihadist Killed in Syria

A German former rapper who joined jihadists fighting in Syria has been killed in a suicide bombing carried out by rival fighters, jihadist sources said Tuesday.

Denis Mamadou Cuspert, who rapped under the name Deso Dogg but took on the name Abu Talha al-Almani in Syria, was reported to have been killed in a suicide attack Sunday in an eastern province.

He was a member of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and was reportedly killed in a double suicide bombing carried out by al-Nusra Front, a rival jihadist group that is al-Qaeda’s Syria affiliate.

Messages posted on jihadist Internet forums announced his death.

“The Islamic nation is bleeding with the news of the martyrdom of the jihadist fighter, brother Abu Talha al-Almani. May he be accepted by God,” one message read.

“His death is the result of a suicide bombing carried out by the traitorous soldiers of (Nusra chief Abu Mohammed al-) Jolani against a house in which a number of ISIS brothers were staying,” it added

Since early January, ISIS has been in open combat with al-Nusra and other Islamist rebel groups.

Both ISIS and al-Nusra have reportedly targeted each other with suicide attacks.


The role of Al-Almani — Arabic for “The German” — in Syria attracted widespread attention and he appeared in multiple videos and photos promoting the jihadist fight in Syria.

In September 2013, he was reported to have been wounded in a regime air strike on a home where he was staying.

Thousands of jihadists, including many from Western nations, have streamed into Syria to join the fight against President Bashar al-Assad.

(Its a quoted article from al-akhbar )

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