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German ISIS Gay Terrorist Rewarded his Colleagues Sexually

image-Hermann Gottlieb - ISIS Gay Terrorist

At the beginning of the Syrian Crisis 6.5 years ago, we started calling the Western beloved ‘rebels’ fighting against the Syrian state as enemies of Islam and our description just kept increasing each time they branded themselves with an Islamic reference.

We have seen them use each name they could find in Islamic history, especially the earlier history of Islam, to call their terrorist groups to give themselves some kind of religious legitimacy and tempt naïve and less educated masses to join them and support their ‘cause’ being holy fighters in a holy ‘Jihad’- divinely religious war, similar to the crusaders with striking similarities in each aspect.

They were mainly in their vast majority, not locals from the region, especially in their commanders’ ranks. They came from all sides of the planet to fight the people of our region under holy banners. Their command was western, their finance was largely from western colonies, their crimes and massacres very much alike their crusaders’ ancestors in crime.

You can check our 6.5 years archive for horrors committed by these Western-sponsored monsters not reported to you by your mainstream media and when reported to you it was immediately blamed on the Syrian state instead.

When we called these terrorists the first time as ‘Anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists’ we were instantly targeted by herds of online warriors on all social and mainstream media labeling us from ‘Assad Apologists’ to other names we refrain from repeating here, but you can find it in our enemy’s propaganda machines aka western mainstream media and the media in their regional stooges countries.

Today, some confessions are coming from the mouths of the criminal officials behind the creation and financing of these terrorists like Hamad Bin Jassim the former Prime Minister of Qatar to terrorists themselves like the ‘guy’ who inspired this post.

image-hamad bin jassim confesses- syria
Hamad Bin Jassim Confesses about Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Role in Creating Terror against Syria

German citizen Hermann Gottlieb traveled to Syria and joined the terrorist organization known as ISIS, or Islamist State in Iraq and Syria (Sham – Cham – Levant). He claims he converted to Islam and his duty in the ‘holy war’ motivated him to join the organization that kills Syrians.

Converting to Islam is not a word of mouth or a declaration then practicing everything Islam is against, killing of innocent people is punishable by Islam with one of the eternal clearly declared punishments, in this life the killer must be killed and in the life hereafter it’s eternity in hell topped with God’s angry and cursing. It can’t be clearer:

‘But whoever kills a believer intentionally – his recompense is Hell, wherein he will abide eternally, and Allah has become angry with him and has cursed him and has prepared for him a great punishment.’ Holy Quran-Sourah 4-Ayah 93 (

image-Punishment for Killers in Islam
Punishment for Killers in Islam

Just to state some facts about Islam that some of the brainwashed Westerners won’t like:

Islam doesn’t justify any sort of killing of innocent people and permits some harsh punishments against those who are proven criminals, a killer, for instance, will be executed, a rapist will be executed and an open or proven gay without repenting before proven will be executed, like what happened to the ‘people of prophet Lot’ who lived in Sodom and Gomorrah and the punishment they received was one of the most severe mentioned in Quran.

So when Our command came, We made the highest part [of the city] its lowest and rained upon them stones of layered hard clay, [which were] marked from your Lord. And Allah ‘s punishment is not from the wrongdoers [very] far. Holy Quran-Sourah 11-Ayah 82 & 83 (

image-Punishment for People of Lot in Quran
Punishment for People of Lot in Quran

Now many in the West would sympathize with this criminal, like how the Iraqi forces have saved him and sent him to Germany. The author of this post will always consider such ISIS members, former or current, as criminal terrorists and deserve the capital punishment available where they reside.

He traveled from his country to another country far from his homeland with a goal in his mind to kill Syrian people, Syrian soldiers, Syrian policemen in different most horrific evil ways. We don’t know how many people were killed by this terrorist or he enabled or supported or even in what can be clear from his own confession rewarded the killers sexually.

image-German Gay in ISIS - Roles and Duties
German Gay in ISIS – Roles and Duties

Mr. Gottlieb traveled to Syria and joined ISIS, which he chose from a list of other US-sponsored terrorist groups, for the mere reason to kill Syrians. His claims he was instead raped doesn’t drop the first crime he committed and proven that he did travel with the intention of committing it. Entertaining the victors of a ‘major ISIS victory’ sexually makes him accomplice in whatever that ‘victory’ of ISIS was, and we know what ISIS consider a ‘victory’.

German Ex-ISIS Complains of Sodomy
German Ex-ISIS Complains of Sodomy

Arguing about Mr. Gottlieb’s consent is already dismissed by the fact he was not kidnapped from his home country. How do we know he wasn’t doing it for pleasure? Take his word for that for example?

image-German Ex-ISIS Raped by Colleagues
German Ex-ISIS Raped by Colleagues

Mr. Gottlieb and his partners in sex have all committed a major sin in Islam that earns all of them collectively the capital punishment. Their crimes against the Syrian people earn them all the capital punishment. US presidents kill members of terrorist organizations by drones from afar even if they would kill members of their families, even if those terrorists are US citizens.

For us Syrians, we consider anybody who carried weapons and fought a sovereign state is a terrorist, his or another state unless that state is illegally occupying his land.

Syrian law and the Syrian community reject all sorts of LGBT. ‘Gay Girl in Damascus’, the infamous hoax run by an American male with his wife living in UK and story supported by CNN’s Hala Gorani as if it’s her own story, was rejected by Syrians completely since the CNN’s journalist started reporting it then promote it on her social media accounts, the author was blocked by Ms. Gorani on Twitter for questioning the story she’s promoting. A leading anti-Islamic Wahhabi cleric residing in Saudi called Aroor was dishonorably discharged from the Syrian Arab Army when he was a conscript 1st Lieutenant after some soldiers complained he asked them to sodomize him in his anus, then he ran away to Saudi Arabia where he became an outspoken Wahhabi cleric.

Why are such criminals not punished when they return to their home countries, especially those in Europe? Just don’t ever say we didn’t warn you.

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